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Сompare Mars MD coils’ size

When choosing a coil people oftem ask themselves a question – which one woul be more practical? Because every metal detectorist has his own tastes and preferences and searching conditions, and before choosing one or another coil one always wants to compare them with each other.

001 горизонт 003 по низу 004 по средине

005 по боку




19 Responses to Сompare Mars MD coils’ size

  • Hello I have been trying to buy the Mars Tiger coil for my Fisher F75 on EBay but can’t get any reply to my mail
    Are you still in business

  • Hello, looking for a two frequency Tiger-Coil for AKA …next Time ??

    • Hello, Kirian
      We have a two frequency Tiger-Coil for AKA at the moment. For purchase see our “Where to buy” page.
      Regards, Mars MD

  • Hello
    Coil which can be used with xp gmaxx2

    • Hello Semih,
      Each of these coils can be used with your device. Personally I would recommend Discovery as I’m hunting with this one (and xp gmaxx2) myself.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Where can I buy a coil for my Garrett AT Gold in either Canada or the USA?
    Also interested in a Racer coil( / hopefully a concentric..If not a10x6″” ellipical.

    • Hi Rich,
      At the moment we’re still in negotiations concerning sales of our products in the USA. So if you want the coils right now, you may buy them directly from us (as for the Racer coil, we have not concentric, but a 10×6? elliptical one).
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • why cant i find a coil with a battery connection on the coils in any of the shops ???looked at the photos but there are no connections like on the photos on this web site ?

  • Hi guys. Which would be the better coil to replace the standard 11″ on my Teknetics T2 SE DST.
    Tiger or Discovery.
    Thanks. Mart.

    • Hi Martin,
      It’s difficult to recommend an optimal coil not knowing your search environments and the objects you search for. If you want simply to replace the standard coil, but to save its size, then you may choose Tiger. If you are interested in larger scan area and greater detection depth and your search environments allow doing this, your choice may be Discovery.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hi,
    I hunt with a T2 and a lot of the time im in a field or yard, I relic hunt… You think the Discovery would be the best for me ? If so , where do i buy it ? Thanks… Chris.

    • Hi Chris,
      For hunting in a yard, the Sniper 6X10″ will suit you better, whereas for hunting in the field the Discovery is the best. If you need a universal option suitable for hunting both in the field and yard, then you can take the Tiger. To find the dealer nearest to you, please see our “Where to buy” page.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hey,
    is the “Mars Tiger Coil” also for the new Garrett Ace “200i”?

    • Hi Pat,
      At the moment our company is launching a versatile coil that will be suitable for the entire Garrett ACE series.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Does your company make a DD coil 10″ or 12″ for the Fisher cz 5

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