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A centuries-old knife under a rotten stump!

A beautiful knife decorated with patterns has recently been found under a big old stump. Such a discovery raises questions about its origin, who was the owner, how much time it spent in such a secluded place, and how it got there? Foto_8280_800 Foto_8281_800

It is hard to estimate its price yet but this knife is obviously not a simle thing!Foto_8315_800

A Garrett ACE 250 metal detector in company of the Mars Goliath coil also helped to find some guns, quite massive things:

Foto_8161_800 Foto_8245_800 Foto_8251_800 Foto_8256_800 Foto_8378_800

Also among the finds there were coins dated XVIII-XIX centuries:Foto_8216_800 Foto_8219_800


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