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A couple of last month’s treasure hunts.

We offer to your attention a photo report of a tireless treasure hunter calling himself Trac-TOR, who shares his experience and impressions after having made interesting findings together with his colleagues. He uses Garrett ACE 250 in tandem with MarsMD Goliath search coil, owing to which we can now admire the trophies that were remaining underground during many decades and were patiently waiting for those romantic treasure hunters who finally got them out…

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! I’is me again!!! Last month there were two or three field works. Honestly speaking, I do not have too much time for writing reports, but under pressure of my fellow colleagues (fanatic treasure hunters) I agreed that it would be wrong not to share these photos with you… So I am gladly sharing with you all positives from communicating with good old friends and wonderful moments which are the results of perfect detection of non-ferrous targets. So enjoy viewing!


 The first worthy finding with the new coil!IMG_9537_Priazhka_CHK_800

Czarist-era treasures and not only…IMG_9538_TSaryzm_y_ne_tolko_800

Other things found on the farmstead.IMG_9539_TSaryzm_y_khutorovshchyna_800

It’s a rare stroke of luck for a metaldetectorist – to find a whole Christian cross.IMG_9540_Krestyk_v_zemle_800

Quite an interesting ring.


Be careful when digging in our forests, you can meet such a wild foul there!!!IMG_9542_Orel_na_ruke_800

The results of our team’s one-day treasure hunting.IMG_9543_Lopaty_800


A closeup picture of our shovels.IMG_9545_Nakhodky_kollegy_800 IMG_9546_Moy_trofey_800 IMG_9547_Orel_s_soputkoi_po_tsaryzmu_800

One more traditional final picture of the “Holy Trinity”IMG_9550_Lopaty_800

My friend’s findings.


My colleague’s trophies.


No comments – it’s just gold.IMG_9554_Gold_800

This is my shovel.


Lovely! … This is a vivid example of the invigorating motivation that drives us into fields and forests!IMG_9860_Denaryy_avers_800 IMG_9861_Denaryy_revers_800

Thank you for viewing and for your comments. I wish everyone peace, health and good luck!

Sincerely, Trac-ТОR


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