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A day of good finds: an amazing dukach and much more))

Good day to everyone! As for me, autumn is a great season for treasure hunting in the fields and kitchen gardens, so that day I also decided to explore some new promising locations. When I arrived I saw a combine harvester cutting corn just on the spot where I planned to hunt, so I had to change my plans and decided to move across a ravine to the nearest village. I left my car on a hill under a tree, took my metal detector (Viking with a Mars Tiger coil) and started searching, hoping to make some nice discoveries!


At first I found an aluminum cross, and I thought that it was already better than nothing) Then I wandered in a small wood and suddenly got a VDI signal, not more than 50, so it was time to dig)) And an amazing pendant dukach saw the daylight! I continued searching more thoroughly there and after a copper signal I dug out a belt plate, I removed the dirt and saw the lettering: “For distinguished participation in the Western Caucasus conquest in 1864”. The soil there was clayey, and the plate was preserved in great condition. The same wood also gave me another gift – a nice ring. Finally, having reached the kitchen gardens, I started combing out the area. It was not an easy task: firstly, there was plenty of rusty metal trash, secondly, the soil was as strong as concrete, thirdly, it was hot and I was tired… But I was awarded with 3 imperial copper coins and a fibula.

Can you see a coin? … No? But it really was there))


Interim result


A copeck coin in a dirt clod, it was hard to get it out


The final photo on the shovel


I had good time there, and the finds were great!


I hope that you will have a chance to experience such emotions, too.

In search there were used a Viking metal detector with the Mars Tiger coil.


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