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A Golden day of my life…

I am glad to welcome you! I offer you to read my small but, I hope, an interesting report, because during my all metal detecting experience it was the first time when such finding occurred on my way, and I was so happy and so impressed… So, I would like to tell you this story in details. We luckily agreed with my metal detecting colleagues to go treasure hunting on an open field and dig something belonging to the Chernyahivska culture period, but the weather, as always, makes its own adjustments … We woke up at 6:00 am and we saw some 7-8 cm of snow on the ground… Anyway we decided to go. Having met at 9:00 am, we went searching, and the snow did not stop… Weather conditions left a lot to be desired, so after wandering around one of the Chernyahivska culture locations for 3 hours and without any result, we decided to return, but on the way back home we wanted to visit another Chernyahivska culture place which has been scanned by many people many times before. What came out of it – please see the pictures. Have fun and good luck in your search!

We are already on the spot.

t_61039_1456078136 t_61039_1456077753 t_61039_1456077965 t_61039_1456078051

These are my “assistant” ….. I have bought recently a new MD, so I left my ACE 250 at home.


Having made my first steps on the field, I caught the first signal … and, oh my goodness, that’s a denarius!


That’s Mr Adrian in person, found on the old scanned field! The mood is already good))

t_61039_1456078384 t_61039_1456078408

20-30 minutes later, another coin – Marcus Aurelius saw the daylight.


And there were some ladies, too… Tellingly, all the denarius looked new.


And another one… Commodus.


After a 1.5 hour pause we found some fubulas and buckles.


A silver beauty in very good condition.


Night was falling, we were on our way to the car, when, in 15 meters from the vehicle, around the area where the first denarius was found that day – there came a signal…


I can not believe my eyes! Something flashed, such a yellowish thing…


I take in hand and stay breathless for two minutes, then I cry, scream, and dance!..

t_61039_1456079086 t_61039_1456079128

Well, the final photo of the finds on the coil.

t_61039_1456079263 t_61039_1456079303 t_61039_1456079386

So such surprises may happen sometimes… Thank you for attention! I wish you all peace and inspiration! Believe in your potential and luck!


P.S. Please note that in his search the author of the article used MarsMD Discovery coil.

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