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A good crop harvesting))

This is my first photo report here so please do not judge me too harshly.

Last weekend I asked one of my friends to borrow me a Mars MD coil, as I used the only one supplied in kit with my metal detector.

At first I had to dig more (and it was mainly some trash) and on a considerably greater depth. In an hour I got used to the new Mars MD coil, I understood how to work with it and I learned to react to the right signals only.

So I spent the weekend at my friend’s kitchengarden. I have already scanned the area twice before, and during those treasure hunts I found some different coins dated from year 1903 and up to present days. I also found some bullets, cases etc. I took my camera with me for the first time to make pictures of the treasure hunting process and to share them with my friends. Because among my friends I am the only one crazy metaldetectorist))

Well, so in these pictures you can see what came out of all that.

I am very grateful to the forum member named Bulavny who helped me to define what was that thing. Thank you, my friend. Russian Empire Army officers used to wear such monograms on shoulder straps. These were the officers of the army regiments in which the Dowager Empress and the riegning Empress were the Chefs. The Dowager Empress Maria.

A Dinamo football team fan lost this badge in 1975 or maybe later, who knows?

During my previous treasure hunt in this kitchen garden I found a button. That button seems to belong to the same Russian Empire Army officer as well as the monogram which you can see in my pictures above. Such buttons were on Chef’s regiments uniform.This time I found only two coins – a copeck coin dated 1981 (I didn’t even made a picture of it), and a 5 copeck coin dated 1876 in a rather poor condition.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The kitchen garden also presented me a Soviet escutcheon. According to the information which I found in Google, such a thing could be an element of anything. If someone knows more, please share your knowlerdge with me in the comments.


Well, at that moment I thought that it was a real treasure)) Iin the foreground you can see a part of a spoon…

Anyway, enjoy watching)) I wish everyone good luck in your search and many good signals of your coil))

Best regards,




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