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A lucky coming back to the lands of Podillya in the company of my little son.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Despite good weather, alas, I could not devote as much time to my favorite metal detecting hobby as I would want… Last month I took my son treasure hunting with me several times, so to say, “to the places of my metal detecting luck and glory.” This time we somehow did not succeed to find any gold, but I am still willing to share with you the pictures made during those trips.

This is Gavrosh – in his own person!!! He is ready to go treasure hunting practically at any time of day or night (just to avoid attending the kindergarden!)IMG_0655_Gavrosh_vozle_doma_800

The direction of the route so far remains the same)))IMG_0665_Dorozhnyi_ukazatel_800

Plowed fields of Podillya are already awaiting us, they attract us with their unpredictability…IMG_0667_Pole_vdol_trassy_800


The first finds:IMG_0707_800


What a nice trophy – some medieval silver coins dug out from one hole!IMG_1189_Srednevekovoe_serebro_800


All the results of the first day of search on the shovel.IMG_0934_Lopata1_800


The trophies of the second day.IMG_1178_Lopata2_800


“Daddy, daddy, look! There’s a coin!!!”IMG_0679_S_denarchykom_v_ruke_800



” Daddy, daddy! There’s another one!!!”IMG_0688_Respublyka_na_keramyke_800

“Daddy, why does this one have a hole ?!”IMG_0682_Antonynyan_800


Our unchildish trophies made during the third day of the search:IMG_0691_800



Dear ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching and for your your comments!

I wish everyone peace, health and good luck!!!IMG_0720_IA_800

Sincerely, Trac-TOR

P.S. The author used MarsMD Goliath search coil and MarsMD Pointer, as well as during his previous successful treasure hunts.


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