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A nice treasure hunt of Trac-Tor in company of Bulldozer))

Even if a field was scanned many times by someone else, such lucky and experienced guys as Trac-Tor and Bulldozer will always find something interesting there! Lady Luck loves such hardworking and persistent metaldedectorists))

And here are their finds of spring season 2016:

IMG_0020_Serebrianaia_spynka_fybuly_800 IMG_0025_Nak_s_denaryiamy_na_keramyke_800 IMG_0035_Spynky_fybul_na_katukhe_800 IMG_0040_Pyn_MARS_800 IMG_0045_Nakhodky_Buldozera_800 IMG_0043_Berezovka_lopata_800 IMG_0050_Lopata_s_trofeiamy_800 IMG_0055_Denaryky_krupnym_planom_800 IMG_2957_Priaslytsa_800 IMG_2961_800 IMG_2962_CHyshchennye_trofey_800

The author of the report uses a Garrett ACE 250 with the Mars Goliath coil and Mars Pointer.


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