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Huge hoard found — 712 five-kopeck coins!

The hoard in a wooden bucket was detected with the help of a Minelab X-terra 705 metal detector and Mars Goliath coil at about 50 cm depth. According to the author of the report, before that day he never believed that such hoards might exist))


We started out very early in the morning. We had to drop in one place on business. And passing by meadows and fields we suddenly decided to stop and hunt for a while. We saw a plowed kitchen garden, and we met its owner very quickly. After a 10-minute good chatter we were given a permission to scan that ploughed piece of land. He even showed us where to dig. We were not the first hoard hunters there. First we found the right pieces of pottery. The first coin was found by my friend, it was a denga (1/2-kopeck coin) dated 1731. Then there came a polushka (1/4-kopeck coin) and two more dengas. And then I found this hoard, it was a real miracle to me! I always wear earphones. The signal was clear, but it did not look like copper, it was a silver signal, probably because of the hoard’s big weight.


But once we approached to the hoard, the coin signal became clearer. Then everything happened as we planned. We put the coins into the car. Honestly, I did not realize at once what had happened. We did not shout out and dance happy dances, because the whole village would have known what had happened.

IMG_0030_800 IMG_0027_800 IMG_0037_800 IMG_0033_800

I already witnessed three episodes of finding hoards – fifty-copeck coins of Soviet and Nikolai II periods, as well as Nikolai II rubles.


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