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A treasure hunt in the swamp and so much more!

Hello all outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of history!

I have become a metaldetectorist two years ago. Since that time I have learned lots of new and interesting facts about the region where I live, I have got so much adrenaline from my findings and discoveries, and I can say that I have got a hobby that really brings me pleasure. Well, here are my stories…gjkt_800

March 24 was exactly the day when I was holding ACE for the first time in my life two years ago, and I decided to devote this anniversary day to treasure hunting. I searched for two hours but there was nothing interesting… So I decided to walk near an amelioration channel hoping to find something interesting there. I was scanning the area

along the channel and all of a sudden I stepped aside as if I someone pushed me there. I did not quite understand what was going on, I looked around – I was there alone. I decided to continue the search, but there came a clear signal as if there was a tin, I started digging, and saw something looking like a coin. At first I thought that it was a penny, but then I could not believe my eyes, I screamed in joy and took pictures. I scanned that spot and raised one more big coin and four smaller ones, and that was all I found that day. I decided to come there again the following day.collage1_800 collage2_800 collage3_800

At night I guessed how the coin happened to be at that place, and I came to a conclusion that when the channel was excavated, perhaps they hooked a treasure trove or a purse with coins, and I should search underwater in the channel itself.

Having arrived to the place, I got a deep signal right in the channel (it turned out to be a coin at a 60 cm depth) But there still was coming an appearing and disappering signal. I touched something with my shovel but I could not reach it, my attempts to get it using the shovel did not work, so I made a very serious and dangerous decision – “I need to dive”))))!!!collage1_8001 Boloto_4_800

But alas, I got only a piece of pottery, which gave hope that there really might be a treasure. I decided to explore the same place again in summer, when the water level is lower. In case of a success of course I will share this joy with you.collage3_800 (1)

Another treasure hunt… There was an unpleasant story that started when a squirrel crossed my road which perhaps was a bad sign)) I came to the spot, uncovered my MD and was about to start, and suddenly there appeared a woman and said: “Do not search here, because I sometimes through away some metal trash here”. And I said: “Ok, if you threw it away, then I can pick it up”. She said “No! You can not dig here, because I pasture my goats here”. Actually the place where I was going to search was a 45 slope in 5 meters from an old riverbed)) So I asked:

— “Do you own this river bank?”


—”Well, then I’ll dig in here”

—”Hey, I will call Paul right now!”

— Who’s Paul?”

—”Oh! Do you know that you can not search using MD here! I will call police right now!”

—”No problem, lady.”

So she went away very angry, and I continued my search))

I saw other metaldetectorists’ holes (filled) and I went to the other river bank, here you can see ther result:

collage1_800 (1)

Next time I accidentally came across some Rome Empire things, I saw dug holes on the seeded side of the field, the other side the field was not seeded, and I dug in there (I have just a couple of pics made at the seeded part). I found some fuzes from shells, butthey did not scare me away))

collage5_800 collage6_800

Next one, a golden or gold-plated leaf, I do not know yet.


P.S. The author used a Garrett ACE250 metal detector with the Mars Tiger coil.



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