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ACE 250 + MarsMD Tiger = 483 coins!

“If you want to make your dream come true you need to work hard, to believe in your dream and keep it in your heart and mind. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – these are the words of a person who is the author of the following article sharing his experience and emotions of treasure hunting with his favorite Garrett ACE 250 and Mars MD Tiger coil.

4“Hello everyone, here is my story. This is how it happened. I together with my friend kept in mind one good place where last year we were lucky to make some good Roman Empire finds PLUS that place had no signs that it had been visited by our competitors. We kept an eye on it for a long time since the very spring, as there are so many metaldetectorists in the area who are as quick as a thought. Finally the harvests were taken at the planned site and we decided together with my friend to have a joint hunt, the weather was nice, and that was a day off, a national holiday “Protection of the Blessed Virgin.”6 The previous night I went out to look at the stars, I suddenly saw a star falling and I made a wish upon it -that was the first thought that quickly came to my mind – “to find something cool”. I was a bit surprised myself why I made such a wish… “well, tomorrow we will see this cool discovery – what it will be like” – and I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning I suddenly noticed a calendar hanging on the wall – with a picture of the Blessed Virgin, I had never payed attention to it before. Well, anyway, all my thoughts were occupied by the upcoming treasure hunt, I had to have breakfast quickly, to get ready and to go. My friend picked me up at 10 am and finally we left home not knowing what was ahead. We stopped in some 100 meters from the place where we were planning to hunt as I saw some shiny and round object, I picked it up and asked my friend “Is it a Denarius?” “No, that’s a 5 kopeck coin dated 2006” he said, and I joked sarcastically that it was a “great and very promising beginning”. My friend laughed…

Here it is my favorite ACE with Mars MD Tiger coil!

Here it is my favorite ACE with Mars MD Tiger coil!

So we took out our devices and started scanning the area. We were hanging around without any result, as we still did not find any Roman coins, just a few Soviet kopecks. My frirnd suggested to have lunch, and how could I refuse? So we had a snack and continued our hunt. We changed the tactics of searching to taking a zigzag course in the hope of catching something valuable… but alas there were no signals at all and I already started thinking about going back home, but my friend told me not to give up and persuaded me to search again in the opposite end of the field, where was nothing, I personally checked it before, and he did it, too, but anyway I agreed to go there.11

My friend was making small steps, hoping to find something awesome, and I was making huge two-meter steps thinking about going back, but during that walk I thought: “Well, October 17 is coming soon, that will be my birthday, maybe Lady Luck can make me a birthday present? And I also made a wish upon a star the previous night…” My thoughts were interrupted by a signal. I shouted to my friend “Yippee!!! I have the signal!” He ran up and said “Let me check the signal with my metal detector” (X-Terra), ok, you see the figures 22-26 on the screen, this is an aluminium wire” And I disagreed, saying that I trusted my ACE and this was definitely the signal detecting coins. I stayed there digging a hole, and my friend went on searching somewhere as he thought there was nothing interesting to have a look at. I dug out a 3 Grosz Zygmunt and I felt so happy! I thought to myself: “That’s the Lady Luck’s present, it’s so cool and I will return home with at least not a bad result”. I tried to scan with my ACE the hole and around it – there was nothing, then I made a motion to a small hill and back to the hole – my ACE was still silent and only then I noticed that it was switched off! I thought what a bad habit was to switch off my metal detector all the time, and I moved back to that small hill, this time with my ACE switched on. As I moved closer I heard a quiet signal, as if there was some fragment of an aluminium wire, anyway I decided to dig and… that was a 1/2 Grosz coin, wow, not bad for today! I checked near the hole again, and again there was a signal, and again that was a 1/2 Grosz coin! Next signal, and I dug out a piece of wire (ahah), but never not give up, I made a few more motions with my MD and got a clear signal, I started digging and saw IT, an amazing and shining ORT dated 1623 in a great condition)) My friend was busy with searching and he did not even hear my shouts of triumph. I called him – he still did not react. Well, I thought, I would try to check near the hole again, and there was a signal. I moved on. and there were many more signals. I shouted loudly and finally my friend heard me. While he was running to me I dug one coin. He came and asked “What did you want?” I said smiling, “Start digging!” He listened to me and dug up one, two, three, coins…! He was shocked! We were digging and laughing  and sharing the emotions with each other, and having smoke breaks almost every minute… So we dug out 240 coins and decided to leave something for the next day as it was already getting dark…1коп The next day we found 145 coins more. The coins were ploughed around the field, some of them were damaged..2коп

And last time we picked up 98 coins.3коп

Summing up we found 483 coins, among them 10 Orts, 10 6-Grosz coins, 30 3-Grosz coins, about 100 Groszs, and the rest – Poltoraks.14

We will not go there this year again, we will wait for the next field plow. I will wash the coins and add the pictures of them later. Thank you for your interest, I hope you do not regret that you have read my report. I wish you all to experience such emotions and also good and fruitful signals of your coil. Sincerely, Freym”







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