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An encolpion in a great condition!

Encolpion crosses, as well as crosses worn next to the skin are the objects showing prayerfulness and belonging to the Church. They were worn by not poor people, statesmen, people having some rank or priorate. A specific feature of encolpions is that they consisted of two parts and had some space inside for keeping holy things. That is where were put pieces of consecrated sacramental bread or relics of saints, which was the talisman protecting from different disasters and bad things, especially during long journeys.

The author of this article shares his impressions after having found an incredibly rare and valuable thing – an encolpion in a very good condition.


“That day’s afternoon treasure hunt did not seem to be a very promising at the beginning… The day was coming to an end, this area has already been scanned many times by many people, as it is located close to the city, I tried to work with a new metal detector (and I needed time to get used to it), etc.t_259963_1462820180

The first finds reminded me of the Second World War (by the way that day it was exactly the WWII Victory Day): a bullet, some spalls, again a bullet, etc. – a usual set of WWII finds. And here came another signal, VDI 71-78… very deep… I was digging, digging and digging again and at the bottom of a pit I saw something made of a very familiar metal that discoloured to green with time… t_259963_1462820257And that turned out to be a massive part of a cross! Wow, Lady Luck smiled to me and gave me an encolpion. In a second I was holding it in my hands. I cleaned it from dirt, and I saw that my find was in a perfect condition, but I still could not believe my eyes. Yes, what to say, I guess all the treasure hunters know that feeling … I jumped with joy, called my friend, shared my emotions and so on…”

t_259963_1462820319 t_259963_1462820290 t_259963_1462820384 t_259963_1462820369

This find is especially rare and valuable due to its good condition – these crosses are almost never found in such a well preserved state, more often people find just some parts of them or their tops.t_259963_1462820447

This cross was found with the help of a Mars Tiger coil.

Please read also the report at Violity forum.



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