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At the 2014 year’s end or four years together with you!

My dear friends!
It has been four years since our company has produced its first coils. During this time we have worked our way up and the results of our work are high quality products for a wide range of metal detectors, including:

ACE 150; ACE 250; ACE 350; AT-Gold; AT-PRO; Euro ACE; GTI 2500;

E-Trac; Explorer SE PRO; Safari; X-Terra 305; X-Terra 505; X-Terra 705; GPX;

F2; F4; F5; F70; F75;

Bounty Hunter:
Gold; Platinum; Titanium;

Alpha 2000; Delta 4000; EuroTek PRO; Gamma 6000; Omega 8000; Т2;

Coinmaster; Coinmaster PRO; DFX; MXT; Spectra V3i ;

Xp metal:
GMaxx 2; Gold Maxx Power;

Cibola; Tejon;

Bercut; Sorex; Signum;

Golden Mask:
Golden Mask 4+; Golden Mask 4W Pro

We are often asked why it would be better to purchase our products rather than those of our competitors? The first thing I say: because we are always honest with our customers! Well, and of course, I am proud to present our achievements:

At the moment, our coils are the most reliable ones in the world. The system of coil’s fastening to the detector’s stem eliminates breakage, even if you want to do it intentionally.
The coils have the lightest weight for their size.

Neither balls of soil nor stones will damage the coil’s protective layer. The body is made of special modified compound developed by our chemists, it eliminates the need for coil’s extra protection.

Besides, we use a self-design cable which has the following characteristics: temperature range from – 25 Со to + 60 Со, high resistance to electrical interference, accidental damage (breakage) protection.

In the production of coils for such devices as Garrett AT Gold and Garrett AT Pro we use a self-design contact block, which has better technical characteristics than the original one.

And the most important thing: our coils have greater depth of target detection compared to any other manufacturers’ same size coils. Along with that they continue to work steadily without false / phantom signals.

The entire manufacturing process in our company is controlled by highly qualified specialists (engineers, chemists and programmers) guaranteeing the perfect quality of the final product.

High professionalism of our engineers is also proved by the fact that we are the only manufacturer in the world who managed to develop and successfully release a two-frequency coil for Minelab X-Terra Series with a unique patented frequency shifting mode, eliminating the risk of breakage or damage of the coil even if it works in tough operating conditions (snow, mud, water).


Besides, this year we have released a self-design pinpointer – Mars MD Pointer, which combines modern ergonomic design, steady operation, optimum target detection range, and the option of selecting sound or silent (vibrate) mode. And all this – at an affordable price.


What surprises MarsMD is preparing for 2015?
Coils in new bodies, as high-quality and reliable as Goliath and Tiger coils; ergonomic multi-purpose stem, as durable and reliable as all our coils; and, perhaps, a new metal detector of our own design from start to finish…

4 Responses to At the 2014 year’s end or four years together with you!

  • Hello!
    I love your products! I hope you bring the new Universal-Shaft for Detectors out so fast If you can!
    I am waiting! Will it be the first half of 2015 or the second half 2015 for the new Shaft?
    Thank you very much and a happy new Year!
    Nice Greets Alex!

  • Hello, Alex!

    Sorry for the delay in answering. We are going to bring the new Shaft out until the end of spring 2015. Thank you very much for your interest to our products!

    Best wishes,
    Mars MD

  • Hello!
    No Problem! I wait for your Shaft!
    Nice Greets Alex!

  • Hello, I live in the US and I’m interested in your coils, mainly for my MineLab Xterra 705. Where can I purchase your coils?

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