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MarsMD Discovery

MarsMD Discovery coil has the most optimal size for universal search – 13″. It is a very well balanced, lightweight and reliable coil for a wide range of search tasks. It detects targets at considerably greater depth and provides a larger scan area in comparison to standard coils.

For metal detectors

  • GARRETT: ACE 250 / ACE 300 / ACE 350 / Euro ACE / ACE 400; GTI 1350; GTI 1500/ 2000 / 2500; AT Pro; AT Gold.
  • MINELAB: X-Terra 3 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 & 18.75 kHz; E-Trac / Explorer ХS / Explorer 2 / Explorer SE.
  • FISHER: F2 / F4; F5; F11 / F22 / F44; F75; Gold Bug.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Gold; Platinum; Titanium.
  • TEKNETICS: EuroTek; EuroTek Pro; Alpha; Delta; Gamma; Omega; T2; G2.
  • WHITES: Coinmaster Pro; DFX / MXT; Spectra V3i; MX5.
  • XP METAL DETECTORS: G-Maxx 2; Gold Maxx Power.
  • TESORO: Cibola; Tejon; Vaquero.
  • AKA: Berkut 5; Sorex 7280; Sorex Pro 7281; Signum MFT 7272M.
  • GOLDEN MASK: Golden Mask 4 Pro / Golden Mask 4W Pro / Golden Mask 5 / Golden Mask 5 Plus.
  • MAKRO: Racer; Racer 2; CF 77.
  • NOKTA: Fors CoRe; Impact.


63 Responses to MarsMD Discovery

  • Hi,
    I have noticed your coils and would like to explore the possibility of introducing them to our customers in Australia.
    I notice that you seem to be charging this coil with a 9 volt battery. This looks exciting to me, can you explain what this does.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Jamie Line

    • Hello, Jamie!
      Thank you for your interest to our products. We use a 9V battery to change frequency from low 3.5kHz or middle 7.5kHz to high 18.75kHz and vice versa.
      Best regards,
      Mars MD

  • Hi
    ? use garrett at pro international metal detector
    when can i expect the new 13 ” discovery coil for at pro international
    thanks hoop soon to buy

  • Hi,
    For metal detector Teknetics Alpha 2000, there is such a coil?

    • Good day,Tiberiu
      At the moment there are Tiger and Goliath coils for Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector. Discovery one will be within this month.
      Mars MD

  • I would like the discovery coil for Garrett at pro is it available yet? If so, where can I buy one?

    • Hello Andrew,
      Yes, this coil is available. For purchase see our “Where to buy” page, find the dealer nearest to you.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Is the Discovery avilable yet for the Teknetics G2+?

  • Hello! I would like to purchase Mars discovery for my xterra 705. What would be price and how about posting it to UK.

    • Hello Oscar,
      You can get all information about our products (prices, etc.) from your local dealer in UK. Please find the contacts on our “Where to buy” page.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • hi i have a tiger coil i love on my t2se

    but i wish to know on the DISCOVERY coil for the T2se what function the two little spikes on the coil perform as the t2 is a single frequency machine ???

    great products by the way
    jeff (wolfy) u.k

    • Hi jeff,
      The Discovery coil is designed for multi-frequency metal detectors. These two little spikes switch over to the other frequency.
      Thanks for appreciating our products.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Is it possible to use your coils with AKA detectors

  • marsmd discovery coil is unfinished,centre spar has no resin protection,missed out qualty control need a good name in business,wasted time and money waiting for it,then watch joy drain from my sons face realising his gift is un usable!

    • Hi Sean,
      The Discovery coil is designed in such a way that the centre spar shouldn’t have any resin protection. The hollow spar has shock absorbing qualities when you hit the coil against stones. If the spar were sealed with resin, there would have been solid construction and you would have had a crack on your coil when hitting against a stone.
      Best regards, MarsMD

      • i must offer my humble appology on my post last christmas,the coil is great,the spar issue was after veiwing the makro coil not the teknetics g2+,i also bought the mars pointer,which is ‘false’ free and great in silent vibrate mode.mars md have proved their worth,by posting all comments.negative or positive. well done.honesty pays.

        • Hi Sean,
          We are very glad you have appreciated our products. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed in the future. Thank you for your feedback.
          Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Ahoj vyr?b? se mars md discovery se zm?nou frekvenc? 3.5kHz 7.5kHz a18.75kHz. Na detektory Golden Mask? D?kuji


    • Hi Mike,
      The MarsMD Discovery provides greater detection depth as compared to the Garrett AT Gold standard coil. As for the video review of its performance, we will try to make it in the closest time.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Hi manufactured mars md discovery changes the frequency of 3.5kHz 7.5kHz a18.75kHz . At detectors Golden Mask ? Thank you

    • Hi Petr,
      No, the MarsMD Discovery isn’t being made for Golden Mask metal detectors.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • hello,i have found with the2015 models of teknetics detectors onwards,have the same issue as the makro racer,in that its very tight fitting with both washers in,so only able to use one washer.will it damage my tiger or discovery coil ears dong this?HH

    • Hi Sean,
      The benchmark should be the coil ears – they mustn’t be broadened out. If you have both washers, the fitting is tight, but the ears aren’t broadened outwardly – then it’s OK. If you have one washer and there isn’t gap clearance between a lower shaft and the coil ear – it also fits tightly – then you can also use it.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Good day I have a question about the discovery . I have a white’s DFX and it uses two frequencies simultaneous , namely 3 KHz and 15 KHz. Is thuis also possible with the discovery.

  • Hi, can I know the weight of Discovery coil for Makro Racer?

  • I have the Tiger for my Makro Racer 2 and it is incredible! The Tiger for my 705 was excellent two years ago! I recently purchased the Tiger and Discovery for my G2+ from my Andrey with…. I cannot wait to get them! They are going to be delivered to me soon! Keep up the great work, I would love to promote your company in the United States of America, please email me if your interested!

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your appreciation of our products. We’ve replied to your e-mail.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • hello can buy Discovery coil to contact me xp GMAXX 2 thanks !!

  • Today I tried my new Discovery coil on my AT Gold. I noticed some interference at the end of each swing. Any idea what the cause may be?

    • Hello Paul,
      Thanks for choosing our Discovery coil. Please try the following:
      – start wrapping the coil cable right above the shaft (not beneath it) and leave just enough slack (to change the coil angle freely), make sure the cable neither isn’t tight nor doesn’t hang loose;
      – tighten firmly the ring on the coil connector to hold it in place (but do not overtighten it);
      – check whether your boots don’t have steel toe.
      If there are no changes, then please send the coil to us. What dealer did you buy this one from?

      • Hi,

        Followed your advice and rewrapped the cable like you said. Working OK now, thank you. I bought it from Pieterman Metaaldetectors in Holland.

  • hello no provider in France for the discovery to GMAXX 2 ????

    • Hello Bruno,
      We’ve just got an updated order from our dealer in France (with the Discovery for GMAXX 2 included). So as soon as it is delivered, you can buy this coil from him.
      Regards, MarsMD

  • hello, to which frequencies are supplied for discovery aka Berkut 5 and Sorex pro? Thanks

  • hi do you do a coil for the golden mask 5 and price
    And how do i order please
    Thanks kelv

  • Hi
    Your 13 coil better than Detech 13 ultimate coil(depth and sense.Do you have compared video?

  • I require a coil to operate on a sandy beach on a Garret Ace 250. Would this coil be capable if used with this detector?

  • Mars Goliath and Mars Tiger.

    Hello. I am the owner of White’s Spectra V3i metal detector. Have you got coils that are full compatible with White’s Spectra Detectors the same as original White’s coils. I got Mars Goliath coil with label Dfx/Mxt. There was no Spectra label on this coil and it don’t work properly on 22.5 kHz frequency as the original 10 DD coil.

    • Hello Waldek,
      There are separate coils suitable for White’s Spectra V3i machines, and they aren’t interchangeable with those for DFX/MXT.
      Best regards,

  • Hello,
    I am looking for new coil for my Makro CF77. Is this coil a good choice ?

    • Hello Krzysztof,
      Yes, Discovery will definitely reveal your Makro CF77’s full potential.
      Best regards,

  • Still don’t know if I should go for a Goliath or Discovery on my T2 Classic…. Help…

    • Hello Jordy,
      If you already have a standard 10″-12″ coil, than it’s better to choose a Goliath. If you don’t have this one and you need a versatile coil, then a Discovery will be better. So you can choose a Discovery, try it in your hunting conditions, and you’ll see whether you need the Goliath or not.
      Kind regards,

  • have Mars Discovery on fisher f75 video

  • Do you have Mars Discovery for Fisher F44?
    What is the weight?
    Can you ship to Japan?
    What is payment method?

    thank you

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