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Mars Goliath

Mars Goliath coil will ensure maximum possible target detection depth as well as a large scan area. It is most efficient for searching at large open areas clear of thick vegetation.

For metal detectors

  • GARRETT: ACE 250 / ACE 300 / ACE 350 / Euro ACE / ACE 400; GTI 1350; GTI 1500/ 2000 / 2500; AT Pro; AT Gold.
  • MINELAB: X-Terra 3 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 7.5 kHz; X-Terra 3 & 18.75 kHz; X-Terra 7.5 & 18.75 kHz; E-Trac / Explorer ХS / Explorer 2 / Explorer SE.
  • FISHER: F2 / F4; F5; F11 / F22 / F44; F75; Gold Bug.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Gold; Platinum; Titanium.
  • TEKNETICS: EuroTek; EuroTek Pro; Alpha; Delta; Gamma; Omega; T2; G2.
  • WHITES: Coinmaster Pro; DFX / MXT; Spectra V3i; MX5.
  • XP METAL DETECTORS: G-Maxx 2; Gold Maxx Power.
  • TESORO: Cibola; Tejon; Vaquero.
  • AKA: Berkut 5; Sorex 7280; Sorex Pro 7281; Signum MFT 7272M.
  • GOLDEN MASK: Golden Mask 4 Pro / Golden Mask 4W Pro / Golden Mask 5 / Golden Mask 5 Plus.
  • MAKRO: Racer; Racer 2; CF 77.
  • NOKTA: Fors CoRe; Impact.


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60 Responses to Mars Goliath

  • hi! do you have coils for nokta velox one 17.5khz ?

    • Good day,
      Sorry for not responding earlier
      We are working such coils out at the moment
      Best regards
      Mars MD

    • when will your coils be for sale in the usa

      • Hello Wayne Hughes,
        We are currently working on this issue, probably next year it’ll be possible. Now, if you are so interested in any of our coils, we can send this one to you directly.
        Best regards, MarsMD

        • Can I order a Goliath for my ACE 250 now or do I have to wait till they are available in the U.S.? Price?

          • Hello Stephen,
            One US dealer has already placed an order, so we hope our products will be available in the US within a month. As soon as it happens, you will be able to see the information on our “Where to buy” page.
            Best wishes, MarsMD

        • Good day, I’m from Serbia, how can i buy this coil(Mars MD Goliath)? Can you send it to me, and what is the price of it?

          • Hello Marko,
            You haven’t mentioned the Goliath for what machine you want to buy.
            Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hello,
    do you have dd disk for my tesoro de leon,in what dimensions, and how much are the costs plus delivery address at Greece?

  • Hello
    I have a Teknetics G2. Would your coils work on it? If so which one?

    • Hello JM,
      All our coils (Goliath, Sniper, Discovery and Tiger) will work with your Teknetics G2.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • C?vka Goliath pro GM 4 se zas a? tak dob?e nepovedla,je velice nestabiln?.Nikde jsem ani nena?el video pro tento detektor.

    • Hello V??a,
      If there are problems with this coil, please contact your local dealer and describe what the defect is.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • I have a Fisher F5, all forms say coils interchange with the Gold Bug but I don’t see where you have a coil that fits a F5? I also have a Whites MXT pro with a 12″pro 300 coil. Do you offer a coil tho maximize my coin and relic hunting for either of my models?
    Thank you for your time.
    Eric Lee

    • Hi Eric,
      It’s difficult to recommend an optimal coil not knowing your search environments. If you have a standard Fisher F5 coil, it seems that Tiger or Discovery would be better. If you already have a 12?pro 300 coil for the Whites MXT pro, then it’s better to take a closer look at Goliath.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • I can see a lot of potential interest fro Australian consumers. Can we purchase directly from you, or do you have an Australian distributor?


    • Hello Chris,
      At the moment we don’t have an Australian distributor, so you can purchase directly from us.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Now that the Teknetics T2 is now back in production in America, is there a Mars Goliath coil that will work with the T2

  • do you have a video in English of proper in field detecting for tiger coil on xp gold max power detector

  • Hi does these coils also work on the Nokta Fors Core

  • hi do you do the goliath for the makro racer, if so how much please, with postage, im in the uk

    • Hi Adam,
      Yes, we are making the Goliath for the Macro Racer. For pricing information about any of our coils, please contact your local dealer in the UK (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hi is this coil deeper than nels competitor the nel big coil?

    • Hi Oliver,
      They both provide equal depth, but MarsMD Goliath coil is almost two times lighter & more convenient than Nel Big one.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • How good are these on the Teknetics Omega 8500? Would love to see a video.

    • Hi John,
      We can’t shoot the video with our coils on each detector. But we can definitely say that the Goliath provides increased depth of detection compared to the Teknetics Omega 8500 original coil.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • i have a golden mask1+ (18khz) and a golden mask 5 (8/18khz)
    do you make goliath coil that works with both these machines ?
    regards mia

    • Hi mia,
      It’s a pity, but we don’t make coils for these detectors.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

      • you list golden mask .can you clarify which machines you make them for . gm4 is same coil as gm1+ or did i miss something .

        • Hi mia,
          We make the Goliath coil for the Golden Mask 4 and Golden Mask 5 metal detectors. We haven’t tried this coil with the Golden Mask 1, so we can’t say for sure whether it is suitable or not.
          Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hello, could you please tell me if the Goliath coil for the Makro Racer works well on the wet sand beaches.
    Regards Martin

    • Hello Martin,
      Yes, the Goliath for the Makro Racer has proved itself to work well on wet sand beaches.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • i wante to buy the Mars Coliath coil if it fit on Fisher F11, and what is the price for send it to sweden?

    • Hi Kristian,
      Yes, the Goliath coil fits on Fisher F11. For pricing info, please refer to our dealer nearest to you (see our “Where to buy” page, perhaps Finland will suit you most).
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • The goliath on the racer 2…is it a good one for the beach?

  • Hello,
    Can Mars MD, built a square search coil, either a 1m x 1m (40″ x 40″) or a 2m x 2m (80″ x80″) frame.

  • Hello,Mars MD :)
    I have already bought 3 coils Marsh MD of fisher 22 and Garrett Ace 400i.
    I want square coil 2m x 2m (80? x80?) frame for my detector Pulse star 2 pro

  • Hello,Mars MD :)
    Can you built search coil 45 cm dd.

  • Hello, Mars MD
    thank you very much for help :)

  • Where can i get the Goliath coil for the Makro racer in the UK thanks

    • Hello John,
      You can order the Goliath for the Makro Racer at our dealerships in the UK (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • the goliath works on nokta fors relic? performance is like the original 15-inch?

  • Hi, I have Goliath for AT PRO. This coil is compatibile with Garrett ACE 250?
    It’s only diffrent connector? Or something else?

    • Hello Jimmy,
      No, the Goliath for Garrett AT PRO isn’t compatible with the Garrett ACE 250: different connector, different frequency, etc.
      Best wishes,

  • do you plan to make coils for nokta impact ?

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