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Discovery – in search of adventures!

Hello everyone)) There is probably no more complicated period for the searching than inter-season – when all the fields are green and there’s tall grass in the woods and annoying mosquitoes and spider webs on your face do not make you feel happy)) But anyway we decided together with one of my metaldetectorist friends to go hunting in search of adventures)) So MARS Discovery – that’s the name of my new upgrade for my old ACE. I got this new product of MARS MD just a few days before. First, the price was not very affordable, and I even expressed my displeasure to the company’s representative, but in a joking manner. We made a bet, he said that if I try it and after the first hunt it did not suit – I could send it back and they would return my money. So, here is the story about my first test of my hew coil. The whole night before the departure it was raining cats and dogs… But owing to the fact that my steel horse is a four-wheel drive, we safely reached the first point in the “Tokyo drift” style. CAUTION! THE VIDEO CONTAINS SOME STRONG LANGUAGE, THOSE WHO ARE VERY SENSITIVE TO SUCH THINGS – YOU’D BETTER NOT WATCH IT)) The farmstead has already been scanned out to zero, for some reason it was not seeded, but slightly grassy. We uncovered our detectors and got to work! The first 15 minutes we were working silently but then the silence was broken by ACE’s signals! These were coins asking us to get them out))) I dug a small hole and I saw on top of an earth ball a white metal coin’s ribbed edge!20124_1435004039 Well, I said, with such results I would definitely not return this coil, I was also pleased with the pinpointer’s work, it clearly indicated the target, and the depth was quite good)) The earth ball contained a 20 kopeck coin dated 1915, then I pulled out two copper coins, and we decided to continue our drift)) My friend suggested to offer mosquitoes a nice breakfast consisting of two fat Ukrainians)) So we got into the woods and went separate ways. Since I have an imbecilic propensity for getting lost, I decided to follow just one ravine to be able to find my way back. One hour and a half of searching yielded nothing, but I saw the advantages of my new ACE’s upgrade and thought that maybe this coil still has a chance to remain in my arsenal because there was felt a slight but difference in weight with Goliath coil. After a few years of treasure hunting around Podillya with a 15-inch coil, Discovery seemed to be as light as a fluff, and I also I liked its maneuvering capability, it could reach the most remote places.   So I was scanning the area with Discovery thinking about the advantages of this coil, and suddenly I came across some spot where someone dug out many holes. Well, I thought, let it be a sign, if I search here and find something between the competitors’ holes, this coil will definitely be mine))) I was searching between pits, there were many ferrous signals, but the coil clearly detected some ferrous targets in all this mess, small amplitude motions allowed me to get a clear signal, and I got a matchbox-size copper lock! Well, I thought I was lucky! )) 20124_1435004066Then I saw a fallen dry cherry tree, I pushed the coil between the branches, and wow, heard a signal again! That was a denga coin which is also called “the queen of the fields”! Then there was a five-kopeck “mason”coin, but I lost on my way to the car. And when I decided that I have found everything I could at this farmstead, the Discovery together with ACE emitted a clear signal just in 10 centimeters from a competitor’s hole which was left dug out.   Well, I thought, that’s interesting! On a 10-centimeter depth there appeared a Mr. Schreiber’s ringstone!20124_1435004052 Perhaps, my Jewish ancestor signaled to me: “Arseny, do not act like a potato head, this is a very nice coil, in Odessa where I live everyone has such a thing, and only the last idiot can think something bad about it”… So I sat down and realized that it was the end, I didn’t win the bet))) I was the loser in that the dispute. I express my gratitude to the whole MARS MD team for their professionalism and attitude to customers. Thanks you, my friends, for devoting 5 minutes of your time to reading my story.

Sincerely, Arseniy))





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