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Hunting at the crossroads of ages.

The first day of the 7th lunar month year 1900 A.D. or hunting at the crossroads of ages! Here is my a little belated report.

As one proverb says “Better late than never”. Around three weeks ago we decided to take our metal detectors for a walk. We gathered together in the evening for a BBQ and invited Lady Luck to join us! It is an uneasy task now to choose a good site for hunt… Bitter rivalry… All the sites are well known and people come there for digging all the time… Since we found out that there were some scanned but not sown fields – our team made a decision to go to a field where there were not too many findings for 5 years already… But there always happened to be some single findings. We joked that maybe the field was greedy? Or poor…The place was located far from any settlements and was so picturesque! Can you imagine – gentle slopes, a springlet, a pasture, ploughed fields and woods on the horizon! And everything would be cool, if not numerous holes dug everywhere by our competitors… We come close to the springlet – and we see holes… We climb up the hill and we see holes… I came into the forest area – and it was so convenient to walk there – tall grass was hiding… again holes! I came to a ploughed field – and it was sort of decorated with a mosaic of holes and holes again… So there’s no other variant except for applying the “rule-of-thumb” – chaotic searching around the area. There were not too many discoveries… In the process of scanning the area I remembered some physics)) I saw that the field presented an example of a Brownian movement of metal detectorists))) During the first hour – finally my dear friend Garrett in a mega successful tandem with Mars Goliath coil detected a coin of Commodus and I dug it out to breathe the air. A good beginning! So there are gaps in the work of our competitors! OK, we will continue our work! In 15 minutes I heard a whoopee of one of my friends – he found an Antoninus Pius coin!!! And I saw his silhouette with a raised hand holding the coin! This is good! Then my Goliath found a fibula – usually my coil does not like detecting fibulas but it liked this one and smelled it somehow… In some 25-30 minutes I heard a colleague’s claim… I saw his raised hand again.. I thought – “Maybe I am a loser?” – and I accelerated the Brownian movement… I heard the signal again and I was holding a Faustina coin in my hands… I calmed down and sighed with relief. I caressed the arm rest of my ACE and thanked it in my thoughts… – “Well done, my dear, baby you can do it!” And in an hour or two, I was even more surprised – when a weak uncertain fibula-like signal led me between the competitors’ holes to a golden Lunar amulet beautifully shimmering in the sunlight in my hands!… Gosh! It was a real Solar eclipse!


Then16 hours of hunting resulted in another Denarius coin, and one Limes plus one yellow Soviet coin and some parts of 19-20 century Christian crosses… My colleague also found one Denarius coin. Another my colleague got a Denarius coin and some artifacts… Emotions raised sky high! I thought that it was a very successful hunt! And my mood was great! =) Then our team went back to the car and we decided to drive closer to the forest to make a barbecue… But who would just sit idly by the fire? We were wandering around and scanning the forest area. I love to hunt in the woods – it is impossible to understand where, who, from where and why could happen to be here… I saw some dug holes here and there – but the trees may hide many interesting places, and in a few minutes I found a few Soviet coins near the road. I started scanning around this place and found a couple of copper coins… Then I stepped aside and heard a strong belltone! I removed a layer of fallen leaves and saw a ring! Well, I thought, wow, I am really lucky today, maybe it is silver. I took it in my hands and thought that maybe it had gold plating. But when I rubbed it inside I realized – “this is my day, baby!” the day when Lady Luck is all mine! The ring had a 333 fineness mark, dated 01.07.1900.


A few minutes later my friends called me to help cook the barbecue. The day turned out to be really fruitful for me! And the colleagues were also rather successful… We all thanked Lady Luck for such a nice day! After this hunt I had a desire to try the M@RS “Discovery” coil. I wish everyone good luck and only good findings and discoveries!!!

Yours faithfully,








Lunula (plural: lunulae)- is one of the most popular types of jewelry and decor in many cultures and historical periods, it is an element of various items or adornment and dressing.


Lunulae are presented in a variety of shapes, decors, jewelry techniques and methods, they can have different places and roles when being used as an element of dressing, what unites them all is a crescent moon shape.



The specific crescent moon shape makes researchers consider this adornment group to be protective pagan amulets, irrespective of when they were produced – during the pre-Christian or Christian eras.

There were also found some Old Russian lunulae united in one necklace with crosses as well as pendants also combining a lunula and a cross, such findings are traditionally interpreted as an evidence of “religious syncretism.”


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