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I search, I dig, and I find!

Which season is the best for treasure hunting? … Is it spring, summer or fall? … Actually it is whenever you want! If the winter is not too severe, if there is no snow and ice, if the temperature is close to zero and you are in a good mood, then why not doing something you like so much? Especially if you didn’t manage to find time for that during “high season”… So be positive thinking, do what you dream of, smile and Lady Luck will certainly smile back at you! Please read my report, and have a look at my pictures:


So, this is how I happened to be in the forest in winter, breathing cool fresh air, listening to the silence which was every now and then broken by some birds flying by… And I was surrounded by huge old magnificent trees looking at which one could imagine that maybe this time they might tell you an interesting story which they witnessed long long ago….. And this time they did! My second visit to this area did not seem to be very promising… The first couple of hours of search resulted in just some WWI and WWII finds, one button and an imperial kopeck dated 1812, but later the old wise trees persuaded me to come back here again…

But before doing that I hesitated a lot. Something prevented me from going there – maybe some fatigue, maybe maps of other areas which I looked through, and most of all, laziness, which as ever was against another visit to that place. And it was really strange, because I am usually full of energy when I go treasure hunting and this time it was so different… So here’s a profitable advice: dear colleagues, if you feel lazy before the departure, force yourself to go, because the hunt will be fruitful! So I managed to overcome my laziness and I’m already here! Now I can breathe freely and relax a bit. This time I decided to concentrate on the hills, paths and roads. In a couple of hours I got several Soviet coins and a Boratynka in my pocket… And then I saw a nice hill with big solitary trees at the highest point. Something pushed me up there! Having climbed up, I moved to a high hornbeam growing right in the center of the hill’s highest point. In a few meters I heard a clear loud signal …I started digging, I looked in and I got it! A silver coin! Wow, this day is quite good! I rubbed the coin and I saw an unknown portrait, as it turned out later, it was Jan Sobieski … At that moment I don’t know why, but I looked at my watch, and was high noon… And then another motion of my ACE let me know that the king Jan was not alone there… After the first Patagon coin my trembling fingers were putting more and more desired coins into my pocket…

196383_1450483617 196383_1450483594 196383_1450483602

In some 30 minutes there were no more signals and there remained just a hole. I respired and went round the hole moving away from it, waiting for more good signals, but this time in vain… Then I thought: how, when and under what circumstances the owner of the coins happened to leave them here?..

The next night I did not sleep well, from time to time I saw thalers in my dreams, and I woke up… A two-day search at the above-mentioned spot resulted in finding two pikes, a spur and a piece of silicon which was in that hole, and all these finds raised different thoughts and ideas in my mind again…

And now I would like to show you all the finds so that perhaps someone else’s imagination could continue the story that had never been finished…

196383_1450483625 196383_1450483739

The last coin found at a 1.5 shovel depth.


Already at home.


Washed with warm water and a brush.

196383_1450483842 196383_1450483852 196383_1450483860

Here is the picture of the other finds: a pike and a spur found in 5 meters from the hole, another pike found in some 20-30 meters, and a piece of silicon which was found in the hole together with the coins…

196383_1450484479 196383_1450484466

Please note that in his search the author used MarsMD Tiger coil.

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