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Lady Luck’s birthday present

…Just after smoking together with one of my friends, when smell of just smoked tobacco was still in th air, there was one more signal, and a Caracalla denarius saw the sun rays, that was God damn nice, how I love these euphoric moments )))

Hello dear colleagues)) Yesterday I celebrated one more birthday in my life. Honestly speaking, that was the first time when I felt a bit weird on such a day, and I recalled the words of one guy from this forum whose nickname is БениФил, he told me once: “with every year you like your birthday less and less, you realize that the clock is ticking, and no matter how hard you try to slow down the process of getting older, that does not work”)) Therefore we should make every day count, with positive attitude to life and good results. For several years already I have traditionally celebrated my birthday on a treasure hunt together with my friends who are also metaldetectorists, and this year I just continued the tradition. As usual, the morning started with calling each other on the phone, gathering together and getting on board of my vehicle with a spirit of bold curiosity for the adventure ahead. t_20124_1438376702 As usual, we did some shopping on our way, and were talking over cigarettes and drinking coffee about how to quit smoking, and also discussing some recent finds made by other forum members, we always have great time together. Usually when you communicate with someone for a long time you might run out of topics for conversations and just talk a lot but say nothing, but this is not about us – our metal detecting friendship lasts five years already, and considering that in everyday life we are also in contact almost every day, we always have something to talk about, to laugh at, and to discuss)) So we traveled that day to explore the area, as the planned field has not been harvested yet. So we had to drive many kilometers until we saw on one of the hill slopes in 3-5 kilometers a black ploughed field contrasting with other landscapes. We overcame the distance rather quickly and after having walked a couple of meters, we saw traces of life! That’s it!))) We uncovered our metal detectors and started searching. On the edge of the field there was a kind of a construction, let us call it object X)) (in the aspect of confidentiality – so that the spot could not be recognized)) But since we were there for the first time we did not give the matter to that Object. In a couple of minutes of searching my friend found a denarius coin, I wanted to have a look and on my way I found my first denarius limes, I looked at it, estimated the coin and thought, well what a nice day, the new plowed field giving so many nice gifts, what else a treasure hunter could want as a birthday celebration! I noticed one drawback of hunting on birthday – the phone calls every five minutes, I listen to birthday greetings, everyone wishes good luck and many nice things, to find something fantastic, but all these calls make my ACE go crazy)))) Just after smoking together with one of my friends, when smell of just smoked tobacco was still in th air, there was one more signal, and a Caracalla denarius saw the sun rays, that was God damn nice, how I love these euphoric moments ))) I made several steps and heard that my Mars Goliath smelled something big, one dig and the desired Lady Luck’s birthday gift was examined by four astonished metaldetectorists t_20124_1438376511(the fifth one went somewhere to explore the area and was astonished a bit later when he came back). We all were examining that thing and discussing what it was, we made a conclusion that it was a pendant. Then a man wearing military camouflage uniform jumped out of the bushes, he seemed to have on his uniform so many badges and chevrons that maybe he served in almost all possible kinds of armed forces. Anyway, I must confess that he was polite, he explained that we were near a strategic object, and that we should leave the area. I told him that we had no intention to damage any underground cables, we were just looking for coins, I showed him the first found denarius limes, the guy turned out to be good, he called his chief and explained that we were normal guys who were just digging out some coins, maximum at 20 cm depth, and his chief allowed us to stay. As a token of gratitude I decided to give him my first found limes, he did not want to accept such a valuable gift but I persuaded him, he was happy and his smile was stretched from ear to ear))) and that was another pleasant moment of the day) Of course, we were delighted, and quietly continued our work, my friends found more denarii and a sestertius, but then we saw a military chief’s jeep, he was not as sweet as the guard whom I gave the coin… He told us to get out of there and called a security squad but we already got into my car before they arrived, so this is how that treasure hunt ended because we had to leave that nice field which I am sure is still full of surprises. After that we made a BBQ, drank beer (except for me as I had to drive the car), had nice conversations, there was a lot of laughter and fun. So this year I returned back home happy and sober as a judge, unlike my previous birthday which was fun but I was later a bit ashamed, after a ride in a car with an open door wearing shorts and a helmet and singing obscene songs))  This time I only opened a bottle of champagne at home together with my wife, had a glass and said that life is beautiful, my birthday ended, the day was great, happy end, good night, and I fell asleep))) I want to thank my friends just for existing, over the years we have become like a family, we share all joys and sorrows, help each other, support, give advices to each other … Owing to this wonderful hobby I am lucky to get acquainted with these nice people, who have already been time-tested, who were by my side and never left me alone with my problems. So I wish you all always to stay humans, not to forget those people who were with you on your way to secret treasures, who gave you first lessons of treasure hunting. Owing to such wonderful moments as I had on my birthday I realized that I would like to slow down a little and just enjoy life…

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