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Mars MD pinpointer in bright body

Mars MD pinpointer in bright body

More recently almost all pinpointer manufacturers have decided to “redye” their devices bright orange. Some users approve such solutions and their arguments boil down to: it’s more difficult to lose such a pinpointer and easier to find it in case of loss; whereas other ones, on the contrary, want to have a classic black device.

Mars MD offers both options and even a little bit more. You have a unique opportunity to choose your own pinpointer in one of three colors…

Изменение размера DSC_2797

Изменение размера DSC_2826

Изменение размера DSC_2806


Изменение размера DSC_2835

Изменение размера АВАТАРКА БОЛЬШАЯ


Изменение размера DSC_2849

Изменение размера DSC_2854

Moreover, you can additionally order:
— cap + security ring;
— leather holster.


Изменение размера DSC_2607

Изменение размера DSC_2644

And here is the photo of the pinpointer from a distance of 50 meters. As you can see, there is something in bright color.

Изменение размера DSC_2842


5 Responses to Mars MD pinpointer in bright body

  • HI
    mars Discovery coil for Fisher F75
    product name. unearthed uk
    serial 12808
    17 /06 /2015

    • Hi,John
      We appreciate your interest to our products.

      • Hello. I’m after the M@rs pin pointer ( black) with yellow screw on top. Leather M@rs embossed pouch. Any help who I can get all this from as UnearthedUK don’t sell extra screw on tops or your leather pouch. They only have red or yellow probes left.



        • Would you be able to put this package together for me and send to UnearthedUK when you send your next shipment to them?


        • Hello Rew,
          You should contact UnearthedUK and ask them to specify your particular package in their whole order. Please, point out what item you want, its color and quantity.
          Best wishes, MarsMD

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