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Mars Sniper coil for Minelab X-Terra. Photo report

Highly sensitive Mars Sniper coil for Minelab X-Terra metal detectors. Searching for the most hard-to-get places. Watch the field photo report.







More information about Mars Tiger coil. Parameters, video, photo reports.


2 Responses to Mars Sniper coil for Minelab X-Terra. Photo report

  • I am looking for a coil for the Golden mask Sniper? and also a Aka Signum what do you have and prices I have someone in Kiev at the moment so if possible they could collect

    • Good day, Richard!
      We have Sniper coils for the Golden mask and the entire range of coils for the Aka Signum. You can buy any of them from our dealers at your place of residence.
      Best regards
      Mars MD

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