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Mars Tiger coil for Fisher F70 / F75. Photo report

Mars Goliath extended depth coil for Fisher F70 and Fisher F75 metal detectors. Full compatibility with the detectors at maximum sensitivity. Watch the photo report.





More information about Mars Goliath coil. Parameters, video, photo reports.


12 Responses to Mars Tiger coil for Fisher F70 / F75. Photo report

  • I am looking for a coil-protect Mars Tiger Fisher F75.

    Thanks for help

    • Good day,Ingo Loges!
      Our Mars Tiger coils do not need protection because the decorative layer is very reliable. We guarantee the repair at our own expense if something happens with it. Thanks for interest to our products.
      Best wishes,
      Mars MD

  • Welcome ! Are these coils are suitable for Fisher F5 ? Yours

    • Good day, Gregor!
      We would like to clarify: there are individual Mars MD coils both for Fisher F70/F75 & your Fisher F5. They are not interchangeable.
      Both types of coils are available at the moment.
      Best regards
      Mars MD

  • where can a buy 1 from the uk thanks richard

    • Hello, Richard
      At present we’re in discussions with one of the UK dealers concerning our sales there. We hope our coils for the Fisher F70/F75 will be available in the UK in about 3 weeks.
      Kind regards,
      Mars MD

  • Hi there i have a f5 if i bought a tiger coil would it b ok for my machine?! Cheers simon

  • Will this coil give me more depth than the Standard 11 inch coil on my fisher f44?

    • Hi Andrew,
      Yes, this coil will certainly give you more depth, but its main advantage is that it’ll provide more stable operation.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • hello
    when will your products be available in USA.

    • Hello cowboye,
      One US dealer has already placed an order, so we hope our products will be available in the US within a month. As soon as it happens, you will be able to see this information on our “Where to buy” page.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

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