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Mars Tiger coil for Garrett AT PRO. Photo

Photo report of Mars Tiger coil for Garrett AT PRO metal detector. Comparative photos of Mars Tiger vs AT 11 DD coil which is original for Garrett AT PRO.







More information about Mars Tiger coil. Parameters, video, photo reports.


6 Responses to Mars Tiger coil for Garrett AT PRO. Photo

  • Who sales the Mars coils in USA ? An what detectors do u make them u have them for a G2+ an minellab x-50

    • Hi Phil,
      For information about selling MarsMD coils in the US, please refer to Kellyco metal detectors.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • where can i get one of these in the uk please …the only 2 places i have tracked down are unearthered ans spinadiscdetector and neither have one

    • Hi Lyn,
      These coils have already been ordered by our UK dealers, so they will be shipped out and delivered in the next couple of weeks or so.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Hi MarsMD,

    I need a Tiger coil for my AT Pro.Where can I get it on the European continent?
    Can’t find any in Benelux.

    • Hello Piotr,
      For Tiger AT Pro coil availability, please refer to our dealers in the UK, France, Latvia, Poland, Turkey (see our “Where to buy” page) – they definitely have this one in stock.
      Best regards,

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