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MarsMD 7” coil

If you are passionate about metal detecting in thickets and tall grass, if you need to scan a vast area and not miss the tiniest artifact, and reliable identification of non-ferrous targets is a top priority, then the MarsMD 7” coil is right down your alley!!!

*Here a minimum coil weight is specified as it may vary upwards depending on metal detector model.

Never out of stock!

MarsMD Goliath, MarsMD Discovery, MarsMD Tiger, MarsMD Sniper and MarsMD 7” coils for metal detector models:

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2 Responses to MarsMD 7” coil

  • Dear sirs,

    Having used a Sniper and Goliath coil on my 705 I am very impressed with the depth and sensitivity of both.

    I now have an Equinox 800 and would love to get a sniper coil. The 10×6 coil size is very popular around the world as it is the most versatile size for stubble fields, rough ground and gold prospecting.

    If you could manufacture a 10×6 Sniper coil for the Equinox detectors with a solid clip-on/off scuff plate you would have a very big selling product all over the world.

    Thank you in advance

    Russell Banks

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