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MarsMD Pinpointer and Salt Sand. Video

Here you can watch the video review of MarsMD Pinpointer Salt Sand Test 



6 Responses to MarsMD Pinpointer and Salt Sand. Video

  • Hi there, I’m just wondering how much a yellow MD pinpointer costs?

    • Hi Kevin,
      A yellow MarsMD Pointer costs as much as a red or black one does. For pricing information please contact your local dealer (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • Hi,nice products,don’t suppose you supply any coils to suit you the NOKTA FORS CoRe ?
    Many thanks,Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      Many thanks for your appreciation, and we really are producing the coils compatible with the NOKTA FORS CoRe.
      Best regards, MarsMD

  • why is there so little for this when i try and buy from ebay or online….please can anyone tell me how much this item is and where i can buy from online….i do not have a metal detecting shop for many many miles away… online is best for me..please can anyone help me with some information..Thankyou kind regards Bri

    • Hi Brian,
      At the moment we aren’t selling our products online. So if you want to buy any of them, please refer to our dealers in the UK.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

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