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MarsMD Universal Shaft & GoPro. Photo review.

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4 Responses to MarsMD Universal Shaft & GoPro. Photo review.

  • I am really interested in your new stem. Can you tell me where I can purchase one.I have checked your UK links and cannot see them.
    Also what price is it?

    • Hello Mr evans,
      We have already shipped out MarsMD shafts to one of the UK dealers today, so please try to check our UK links again next week. As far as the pricing information is concerned, please refer to your local dealer as well.
      Regards, MarsMD

  • Do you have any plans to sell them in the USA? I would buy two and I think others would buy them as well. The Garrett Ace and AT are very popular machines here.

    • Hi Ernest,
      One US dealer has already placed an order, so we hope our products will be available in the US within a month. As soon as it happens, you will be able to see the information on our “Where to buy” page.
      Best regards, MarsMD

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