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My awesome find

A unique and very beautiful fibula was found on a just ploughed fieldin Chernigiv region. This spot has already been searched by othermetaldetectorists, but they somehow missed such a beauty… probablythey did not have such search coils, and they did not take afour-legged buddy with them)).1 People say that those who treasure huntin company of their dogs are more lucky – make real big finds, andmoreover, if they use MarsMD Goliath search coils, their trophies are 100% awesome!4


5This fibula is really amazing – can you believe that in fact it wasmade thousands of years ago? The ancient people’s fantasy, theirdetailed work, unusual shapes and repetition of forms throughout theEastern European steppes… and it’s just a fibula for clothes.2 6It has a really cosmic scale! It looks great – like a real silver,though, as it turned out, it is made of tin bronze. A similar fibula,which was defined as a Mazur type dated VI-VII, has already been found, but !!! the condition differs greatly.7

P.S. A photo report of the find is posted at the Violity site


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