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My favorite ACE 250 with Mars Goliath forever and ever…

Good whatever time of day it is where you are, my dear metal detecting colleagues! Please do not think that this report is a kind of advertizing or something. No! This isn’t a report actually. These are just praising words devoted to my best friend in the fields and in the woods – my ACE 250. It is really special, it differs from all other ACEs! It’s not just a Garrett’s ACE 250… No! For me it’s only Mars Goliath ACE which I adore and respect so much. Here are some pictures attached. I hope you will like it, too))


P.S. I am awaiting your comments and opinions.

P.P.S. And please do not forget that the search process is performed by a person first of all but not by the device…

Malachite significators of denarii:


Here it is, the moment which you have been waiting for so long, when you see and can touch some nice crowned persons engraved on the coins which spent 1000 years in the ground!…


A traditional picture of a shovel with the results of one-day treasure hunting on it…


Thanks for watching.


Dear colleagues, I wish everyone peace, good health and good luck!

Best regards, Тrac-ТОR

to be continued…


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