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My story about a golden ring (A successful hunt with Mars Tiger)

I found a real golden ring! I was looking for something like that for so long…

Good day dear colleagues, now the time has come for me to write a small report about a well-done job.   202595_1439322657

I have become a metaldetectorist just 2.5 years ago, I found lots of things like rings and spikes, and mace heads but yesterday as they say “my dream came true” – a ring jumped out of the soil into my hands, and this ring was not simple but gold. It had 583 fineness and a soviet star, unfortunately I do not have an opportunity to take high quality pictures of it. And here comes the story how I found it – on Sunday morning my wife went shopping and I stayed at home with my 2-year old daughter, and as soon as my wife came back home I went hunting, I visited one place just to explore it, there could be a river, and there was black soil – it looked like there could have lived people some time ago, but I found no signs that could prove my idea. So I drove to the farmsteads which have already been searched. When I came there I was unpleasantly surprised to see burned fields, and hey stacks were also destroyed by fire. And most of all I was disappointed with disgusting behavior of my colleagues who left open deep holes on the fields. I guess everyone saw amelioration systems, so here the holes were waste-deep there! What a shame! So I looked at all that and thought that the field must already be empty but anyway I decided to give it a try. After a couple of meters a boratynka coin jumped out of the soil, and in a little while it was joined by a Tatar Akche coin. I decided to continue searching despite the terrible heat. Then there was found a lot trash like bullets, shells and other things like that. After that I found a fibula with a needle in good condition and also a pair of solids. I was hanging around for a while but the heat became really unbearable, so I decided to go home for now but to visit this place on Monday again.

So that was my first day after which that place attracted me like a magnet. In the evening I received a phone call from one of my relatives who asked to help him on Monday morning – how could I refuse? So the first half of Monday I was busy but at 2 p.m. I was already at the farmstead. The heat again was terrible, the water in my bottle was hot but I was persistent and started treasure-hunting. I went along the road on the edge of the field. I heard a signal and a Christian cross saw the day light, I rubbed it, took a picture of it, and put it into my pocket, then I wanted to move aside but occasionally I made a few motions with my metal detector near the same hole and heard a clear signal again. I dug and that as it!202595_1439322904

My eyes were wide-open and my heart was beating very fast! I found a real golden ring!            202595_1439323087

I was looking for something like that for so long… I smoked a cigarette and made a few phone calls making a sensation to my friends. I sipped some warm water from the bottle and wandered out, having put the ring on my finger in order not to lose it.                202595_1439323123

I went up the hill where used to be a house and my detector emitted a signal, I dug and found a coin with an owl. I started going down the hill and pulled out a back part of fibula and a denarius. Well, I thought, what a lucky beginning of the week! But I wasn’t in mood to keep on hunting because of the heat. I went back home to celebrate a lucky day and good finds with cool beer. Please don’t judge my report too harshly, I am not Taras Shevchenko and I can not write like a writer, and the pictures were taken with my mobile phone’s camera but the things are just the way they are. I wish everyone good luck.













We would like to mention that the author of the article used ACE – 250 with Mars MD Tiger search coil.


2 Responses to My story about a golden ring (A successful hunt with Mars Tiger)

  • Looking to purchase Coil and Pinpointer. Where can I purchase?? Direct or US Distributor??

    Thanks Rick

    • Hi Rick,
      It’s up to you to decide. You can buy directly from us now or wait till we have a distributor in the USA. We hope it’ll happen in the near future.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

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