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My Super Mega Report.

After having read my report and having looked at my pictures please do not get envious!!! One can have an impression that there’s no point in treasure hunting anymore because all treasures have already been found and dug out…

Such a variety and quantity of finds… and they all have a historical value -coins, stamps, crosses, rings … it would not be a problem to create a museum.

But we assure you – thousands of treasures still remain somewhere underground and they are waiting for you! We would like to share our positive emotions with you! The author of the report says that these finds are the result of two seasons of searching, he also hunted in the areas which had already been scanned before by someone else. We would like to say with pleasure that the author of the report used МarsMD Tiger coil, and it looks like he was not alone– one of the pictures shows 4 Mars Tigers that took part in the hunt.

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The weather is always good for treasure hunting))

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See more pictures here.


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