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New search coil: luckier or more professional? MarsMD Discovery 7.5/18.75 kHz for Minelab X-Terra!

Having hunted with a stock coil for a while, every detectorist starts thinking about ways to achieve a greater result with the same machine. And of course, if you want to make the right choice, it would be best to seek professional advice – you would be recommended a search coil best suited to your needs. In that particular case, the best solution was purchasing a double frequency MarsMD Discovery 7.5 / 18.75 kHz coil and a MarsMD pinpointinter. The result of such a combination was demonstrated in a pictorial report, which was sent by the happy customer, full of joy and emotion, to the seller))

“When I saw the pictures – I was really shocked and very happy! Because yet another MarsMD coil sold by me turned out to be the lucky one! I am glad that this guy picked up a really extraordinary find, which had been made in the best style of the Goths in the Migration period, and the most important thing is that the lunar amulet has not been spoiled by tractors plowing the fields and is preserved in a very good condition!

After such a masterpiece with granulation and jewels, even an ancient Roman Nerva denarius, which is also a rare coin, and a Kievan Rus lunar amulet did not look so impressive”.


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