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Nice summer finds made with Mars Discovery. Scythian gold!

The combination of a dual-frequency Mars Discovery coil and Minelab X-Terra 505 metal detector helped to achieve a truly excellent result. A metaldetectorist KASPER_$ was lucky to find the following things:

1 3 4 foto_9862_800

The most surprising golden artifact was made in a special manner, in a so-called “animal style” which was distinctive for the Scythian art.

foto1_0041_800 foto1_0092_800

To this steppe people gold symbolized wealth, fire, the sun, royal power and, most importantly, eternal life. Scythian craftsmen, tending to cover the maximum of human body with gold, developed a special handicraft technology of making gold foil and minting original images on such golden plates.

A Kievan Rus belt elements (XI – XIII centuries).


A 4 kopeck coin dated 1762.

foto1_0079_800 foto1_0080_800

The coin is quite rare, it was minted during the Seven Years’ War, so it has images of guns and other warfare attributes. 4 kopecks were recoined out of copper 2-kopeck coins (so called “dvuhgroshevik”). They were put into circulation but were subsequently withdrawn and recoined back to 2-kopeck coins.



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