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Notes for Makro Racer owners:

Makro Racer owners…. please note!!!!!

Use only one rubber washer when attaching the MarsMD search coil to the original Makro Racer shaft.pic1




When attaching MarsMD search coils to other manufacturers’ metal detector shafts the use of two rubber washers is obligatory.

Failure to do so can result in coil ear breakage.



12 Responses to Notes for Makro Racer owners:

  • I have just purchased a Makro Racer 2 and was going to buy the Sniper coil. With the Racer 2 is it still advised to attach using one washer only?
    Also have you considered the smaller 5 inch round coils?

    • Hello Duncan,
      Yes, the same goes for the Racer 2 – you should use one washer only. As far as the Sniper coil is concerned, this one is more preferable than 5-inch round coils.
      Kind regards, MarsMD

  • Tiger coil for Makro Racer came with Warranty card and a rubber protector for wire plug, the Discovery coil just received did not ….. not to worry the coil is working just fine without.
    Just wondering if there was a change of policy ?


    • Hello Ivan,
      Before now, our coils were equipped with rubber protectors made by other manufacturer. Then we started manufacturing these ones ourselves. There was a small “gap” because of the changeover from theirs to ours, that’s why your Discovery may have come without it. If you want, please give us your contact details, and we will send this protector to you.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

  • Hi to you all,ive recently purchased a new Mars Tiger coil for my MACRO RACER.
    It’s a great coil and I am very impressed with its performance.
    I purchased it from a company called UNEARTHED based here in the UK.
    Could you please send me a cover for the end plug as when it was unpacked it didn’t have one attached and it would be great to protect the plug when he coil is not in use.
    Kind regards,Chris Skinner

  • As Above !!

  • I have the makro racer 2 and could u tell me if the mars coils r multi frequency for this machine and if so what two frequencyseparate they r please

  • Hi.will u be bringing out any coils for the makro multi kruzer.

    • Hi Dave,
      We’ve already made the entire coil line-up for the Makro Multi Kruzer. These ones will go on sale within 3-4 weeks. So for coil availability, please refer to the local dealer nearest to you (see our “Where to buy” page).
      Best regards,

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