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Our motivation to move forward))

Spring is blooming, it is not the time to sit at home doing nothing! Busy working days and grandiose plans for the weekend… … how to get it all? Probably each of us is looking forward to the weekend to come fast)) And a person who is fond of metal detecting will never have a shadow of a doubt about how to spend his free time – he just needs to charge his MD, call his friends and go ahead to the fields looking for adventures and happy moments!


The beauty of our nature…

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It’s time to go and have new adventures and new interesting experiences.


It should be noted that the Mars Goliath coil is the most efficient for searching on large open areas and fields without dense vegetation.

Pottery is a good sign)


The first Denarius coin

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A button with the remains of gold plating


t_288737_1460312678 t_288737_1460312662 t_288737_1460312695

And here is our motivation to move forward)))t_288737_1460312731


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