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Podillya – the land of milk and honey

Sometimes some things that seem to have nothing in common at first glance, turn out to be closely related in fact. A piece of silver, or sikel, or shekel was divided into quarters – and they were called denariuses. This was a commonly used coin in the ancient world, its name is translated as “containing ten”.

Unlike most currencies presenting the financial history of mankind, denarius has the exact year of birth – 268 BC. It had very different images incused on it – there was even released a denarius with Julius Caesar’s portrait on occasion of his assassination. It is interesting to know that the denarius which was later renamed as dinar, is related not only to historical outstanding personalities, but also to the world’s main sacred books. Denarius was a part of a shekel mentioned in the Bible, and dinar is mentioned in the Koran.

Many treasure hunters try to find at least one denarius for years, and rarely guys are lucky to find several so precious coins at a time… and Trac-TOR is one of them – he is the author of the following article and a photo report about how he found a dozen of them. For searching he used ACE 250 with MarsMD Goliath coil. Maybe he was lucky because the young helpers were assisting him?…

Good day, dear colleagues! Here is my story. I finally decided  to take a few days off which actually were a remaining part of my last year’s vacation and, as they say, I did not waste time in vain. I made a few successful trips to the neighboring region – to a land of milk and honey named Podillya. Lady Luck and Dame Fortune were gracious and supportive to us, and here comes my small photo report in memory of those good days.

Here we go – to the clouds!


These are our young assistants. That is to say, we train and prepare our next generation and cultivate in our children love to the Motherland, history, culture, etc.

IMG_9538_Prosto_MAKS_800 IMG_9537_Podrastaiushchaia_smena_800

We drove among already scanned “old” areas as we had no time for the exploration of new spots where could possibly be human settlements many years ago. Our discoveries and findings did not make us wait too long anywhere:IMG_9847_Zevs_s_rogom_yzobylyia_800




Carve up of the spoils on the basis of gender status!  Someone likes girls.


And someone likes boys…


And finally, here comes the traditional final picture of the shovel.

Picture 1. Not the worst day in my life.


Picture 2. It really is a lucky shovel


Dear all, thank you for reading and for the comments. I wish everyone peace, happiness and good luck!!!

Sincerely, Trac-TOR



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