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Share your metal detecting experiences with us and win a pinpointer!

DEAR TREASURE HUNTERS! Mars MD is excited to announce a monthly writing contest for the most interesting story about successful treasure hunting experience with Mars MD search coils.



1. Interesting and, what is most important, real story with photos about the artifacts which you were lucky to find. The story should contain the following information:

the pictures of the findings with our products in the background as well as the place where the treasure was found;

  • detailed description of the found treasure (general characteristics, estimate of the age etc.);
  • description of the circumstances under which the finding was made;
  • approximate depth at which the target was detected;
  • the pictures of the found treasure after restoration are welcome.

2. This story should be posted at some metal detecting forum.

3. A copy of the story should be sent to our e-mail address:, the subject line of the letter should be “Contest – the best finding”. The letter should also contain your contact information – phone number, name, surname, and the link to the forum page where your treasure finding story was posted.


The winners of the contest will be announced by the 5th of every month. The first place winner will receive the main prize – Mars MD pinpointer. The second and third place winners will get a discount of 35 per cent on all our products.

Taking part in our contest you hereby give your consent to publication of your story at our website as well as at our Facebook page


Your pinpointer is awaiting your story!


3 Responses to Share your metal detecting experiences with us and win a pinpointer!

  • Hi, I have made a video where I’m testing MarsMD pinpointer 😊 Just want to say I’m very pleased with the product 👍 Take a look here if you want.

    • I forgot to mention that the movie is in Norwegian..

      • Hello Oddbjørn,
        Thank you very much for our product testing and for your feedback. We in turn are also pleased that Norwegian treasure hunters now have an opportunity to get acquainted with our products and evaluate their quality. Many thanks for your time spent and effort while shooting this video. All the best!
        Kind regards,

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