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The New Metal Detecting Fall Season is Open!!!

The summer is fading into autumn, taking away the unbearable heat, mosquitoes and annoying flies. Autumn turns thick grass yellow, the crops are being harvested from fields, and here comes the best time to open the metal detecting season.Photo0277_800 Tireless seekers overturn tons of soil in search of coins and historical values, and even the most serviceable shoes and gloves can hardly survive the searching process…Photo0291_800



But our rebellious people never give up! The most important thing is not to be disappointed by the work of your coil and metal detector!


And here they are – the first findings of the fall season:









So now it is the best time for metal detecting, and you should hurry to the fields and forests and enjoy the hunt until there are no frosts and snow, and you have a chance to dig out something valuable that may have been dropped, lost or hidden underground many days ago… Your treasures are awaiting you!


4 Responses to The New Metal Detecting Fall Season is Open!!!

  • When will AT Pro new shaft be available ? Let me know please.

  • do you make coils for the makro racer 2 and the whites v x 3 and how could I get them ?

    • Hello Wayne,
      We make coils for the Makro Racer 2 and don’t make them for the White’s VX3. If you want any of our products, you can refer to our dealer nearest to you.
      Best wishes, MarsMD

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