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Treasure hunting forever and ever!

And this is what I call a “strike” or a “touching moment” (I mean a moment when I can touch something precious)). At such moments you realize that you didn’t spend your time in vain, – even if you didn’t sleep well, didn’t eat well sometimes, had quarrels with your beloved and even had to borrow some money to achieve your goal – it was worth it!!!

 Dear fellow colleagues, it’s me, your humble narrator ТracTОR again, and I would like to tell you about one more interesting and fruitful experience of mine.

 I would like to share with you a flurry of positive emotions left after my last month’s treasure hunting. Unfortunately I did not have as many field works last month as I would want, and most of them took place in the neighboring region (rich in artifacts and findings).

And this is our almost legendary “metal detectorists’ armed vehicle” and our “weaponry”))IMG_05_Try_MD_u_mashyny_800

 Over the last few seasons I often catch myself on a thought that maybe as a metaldetectorist I am getting more and more spoiled. Because you know, I feel joy and satisfaction only when I see denarii, encolpions, St George’s Crosses, big medieval silver coins, aureus and Antoninianus coins, or at least non-limes denarii!!! What has happened to me? I do not know, but Tsarist-era, farmstead findings and Soviet coins on my shovel to not impress me much already!



Sometimes visually detected spindle whorls and pieces of silicone scraper knives bring more joy and pleasure:




Some Northern peoples’ coin.


Olbian tetrassarion (was it dropped by Scythians?)IMG_13_Olvyia_tetrasaryi_800

Many parts of fubulas.IMG_14_Spynky_fybul_na_katukhe_800

Trophies from long-distance trips.



Oh, I have almost forgotten – one of the July days turned out to be extremely hot!IMG_19_CHK_na_katushke_800

What a nice “shot”!IMG_20_Na_zemle_800

It turned out to be a rather interesting coin.IMG_21_Aureus_800

I can definitely say that this artifact deserves to become a separate subject of discussion!!! So, ladies and gentleman, see you soon here again! Thank you for your attention, comments and pluses. I wish everyone peace, good health and good luck!

Sincerely, Тrac-ТОR

Slava Ukraini!





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