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Treasures of the day…

Silver coins, a 18th century penny and many other interesting historical finds were made by author of the report in company of his uncle just in 2 days.IMAG7947_800 IMAG7948_800 IMAG7906_800 IMAG8021_800 IMAG8022_800 IMAG8023_800 IMAG8024_800 IMAG8019_800 IMAG8020_800 IMAG7946_800

It’s time to have some lunch!


What could be better than sitting by the fire, enjoying nature, digging out something interesting, seeking and finding … all this attracts and inspires, and gives you a positive charge!

IMAG7907_800 IMAG7908_800 IMAG7909_800

Treasures of the day:


Early spring still looks like winter…

IMAG8048_800 IMAG8058_800 IMAG8043_800

A cossack axe…

IMAG8059_800 IMAG8140_800 IMAG7922_800 IMAG8011_800

But my uncle struck me with his findings…


The author and his uncle used Garrett ACE 250 with MarsMD Tiger search coil.


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