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Two days of field work or Lady Luck smiled upon us!

Since the beginning of 2016 we have driven hundreds of kilometers, though the result has not always been satisfactory. But during our last treasure hunt each of us have got some nice gifts as well as lots of adrenaline and positive emotions that will definitely be kept in our memories for a lifetime. Well, here’s my story.287737_1457697145

Just like always, everyone got up early, had a cup of morning coffee, jumped in a car and easily overcame big distance looking forward to adventures and good finds. And we are already there exploring a new place for us, the first ten minutes we spent turning our devices on and straggling around the field.287737_1457697125 287737_1457697060

I was making motions with my coil looking attentively at the ground, trying to see at least some hint that we were in the right place (I was hoping to see some remains of ceramics)… I noticed that my colleague was holding something in his hands, I came closer and and I caught my first signal, one move of a shovel, and a Denarius jumped out of the ground! Of course, my mood was much better, besides I saw some ceramics there, so we went on scanning the area and in ten minutes we all heard a loud joyful cry of my friends. At first I thought that they found a Denarius, too, but that was a 10gr piece of golden wire, so there were cheers, congratulations and a long smoke break… So we scattered around the field again, the adrenaline jumped with each signal, but there was nothing but some bronze parts… In a half an hour we heard one more loud cry of joy, and our another friend was dancing wild dances with a 5,7gr gold bar in his hands! After that, there were no more fruitful signals, just some trash. It was getting dark, and my colleagues who have been lucky to find some gold went to the car, and I was also going there with another friend of mine, we were moving to the car in 3-5 meters from each other, and suddenly my friend got a vague signal, I saw him digging a hole and picking up something… He asked me to come closer and handed me a small earth-ball saying in a trembling voice: “Maybe it’s a golden pendant?!” I took the ball, removed the dirt, and I could not believe my eyes: I saw Roman Emperor Aureus looking at me! 287737_1457697545 287737_1457697596 287737_1457697613 287737_1457697635 287737_1457697686

Then we spend a good night sitting around the fire and making a BBQ… The following day we started scanning the same field again, there were no more golden presents, but I was pleased to find a good amount of nice Denarii…

44 3333 287737

I wish you many nice signals and many good finds! Good luck!

287737_1457697867 287737_1457706049 287737_1457697815 287737_1457703156 287737_1457703138 287737_1457697967

P.S. The author of the article used MarsMD Goliath search coil, which is the best choice for treasure hunting at big open areas.


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