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Ukrainian treasure hunters found a kozak musket – presumably dated XVII century.

According to one of the hunters, it was in this way. ….

Без имени-2

“…On the 7th of February we were celebrating birthday of one of our metal detecting friends, traditionally it was a bbq with different delicious snacks and drinks. We chose for celebration a nice site in the forest located 50 km away from our city – this place was rich in finds in those far-off 2000s, but since that time it has already been searched many times so we didn’t hope to find anything serious. Anyway, we decided to try the capabilities of our search coils – just in case if fortune might want to smile upon us. Having arrived to the site we took our metal detectors and plunged into the forest in quest of adventure)) Of course we saw numerous holes dug out in the ground which evoked despair but some scattered finds such as kozak musket bullets and several fire steels inspired hope for the best. After nearly an hour of searching in our pockets there appeared several solids which we managed to detect between the holes previously dug out by our competitors owing to the phenomenal target detection capabilities of Mars MD Goliath search coil. And then we heard a cheerful shout of one of our metal detecting friends who, by the way, is an automobile mechanic – he said “Wow, I have found a crow bar!”, and then he said in a less diffident tone, “Ooops, maybe it isn’t a crow bar, it doesn’t look like that… F…ck! That’s a musket!!!”


When he shouted it out he heard a sound of breaking branches and rustling leaves produced by other hunters running there to have a look. By the time they all gathered at the spot he had already dug out the musket’s lock, wiping-stick and three bullets so we came to a conclusion that the musket was not lost but hidden there. And this version was supported by the fact that the musket was detected on a considerable depth, Ace with Goliath gave a two-tone sound, shifting from ferrous to non-ferrous signals.


So due to many factors there was found a musket and a bit later some less significant finds – several P??torak coins and one Shestak coin – which the same Goliath search coil detected (producing similar sounds shifting from ferrous to non-ferrous signals) deeper in old holes dug out by someone who didn’t have such a super powerful coil. Three of five members of our team have Mars Goliath search coils, and we all would like to thank Mars MD for fruitful efforts and for developing terrific search coils and devices.
Faithfully yours,
Team of hunters”


Previously found musket could have look this way:

We contacted the guys and they sent us pictures of the found musket after some preliminary restoration works.











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