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We have news about the MarsMD universal shaft!

Dear friends! Taking into consideration your concerns about the future of the MarsMD universal shaft, I would like to reassure everyone and to clarify all the details regarding the terms, cost and all other related issues.
Unfortunately, it is not our fault, but the production process took longer than we expected. Anyway, for the time being 90% of the shaft elements have already been produced, now we just need to wait until the lower shaft is manufactured. We are not ready yet to announce the release date because we want no more broken promises, what we can say for sure is that everything will be ready within a month.
The estimated price is about $130.

Photo review:

Изменение размера 20150630_135256

Изменение размера 20150630_135035

Изменение размера 20150630_135447

Изменение размера 20150630_140214

Изменение размера 20150630_140031

Изменение размера 20150630_140118

Изменение размера 20150630_135747

Изменение размера 20150630_140203

Изменение размера 20150630_135624


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