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What a nice surprise!

Ancient temporal jewelry of Kievan Rus – gold kolts were found with the help of an ACE 250 and Mars Tiger coil. Such a discovery makes you especially happy when you search all day long and find nothing special, and you already do not hope to find something like that…



Here is the author’s report:

Hello everyone! I decided to write a brief report about my yesterday’s search. I will attach a couple of pictures, maybe they will inspire someone to go treasure hunting as it happened when I was inspired by your reports, dear colleagues. I think that my discovery is worth to be described. So, I will tell briefly how it happened. I decided to go for a walk to the place where I happened to find a purse last time. And just near the forest I suddenly changed my mind and decided to walk in an opposite direction. I really do not know why. Isn’t it strange – two days before I decided to go to one place, and just in some 300 meters I changed my mind and went in another direction! Well, after an hour of fruitless searching and wandering around between someone’s undug holes I thought to go back to the previously planned location. And suddenly it started raining… I got soaked to the skin and realized that I would not go there, I would rather stay where I was for one more hour and then go home. I found a couple of coins and lots of trash, and no more hoped to find something special.


And on my way to the car I suddenly got a signal, it was not very deep, but the find turned out to be awesome. I can hardly remember another situation when my hands would be trembling so that I could not even take pictures…




Very nice emotions. I wish each of you to find such pleasant surprises! Thank you for reading my story. Good luck! Sincerely, StAlex


You can also read the report at Violity forum in Ukrainian language.


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