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What can be found on an old road?

Treasure hunters usually search for something interesting in the fields or in the woods. But Lady Luck can also smile someone on an old road, too! And no matter how much time it might take – a few hours or a few days, the most important thing is to get the find, which will give you great mood and a lot of positive emotions!DSCN2856_800 We would like to share with you some nice discoveries of a very diligent metaldetectorist who spent four exciting days together with MarsMD Tiger coil and now wants to show you the results.

The first day:DSCN2854_800

The first finds:1




I was pleased to find a little bit of silver.5

The results of five-hour work.6


The second day. This is the same location but this time it’s just a bit further from the village.1

Cross militia Nicholas II, unfortunately, a bit damaged.2


The third day: the same field.1

The results of the hunt:


Day number four (a secret place): a plowed field, where it was not very comfortable to walk, it was dusty and the feet were getting stuck 10 centimeters deep into the ground with every step.1

In less than five meter distance I caught an unstable signal, and that turned out to be a double denarius dated 1570.2

A Peter the Great’s “polushka” (a quarter-kopeck coin minted at the times of emperor Peter the Great) in a very good condition cheered me up.


And here you can see the find which would make everyone forget about fatigue and thirst. It’s a pity of course that this thing was not complete, but anyway I was very happy to find it!4

A three hours work gave few results, but it charged me with positive emotions for the whole month. Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully, Misha 74


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