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A few outings with Mars Goliath))

Maybe it would be interesting for someone to read this report. Christian crosses, rings and coins… The author of the report thinks that “there was nothing special”, but anyway…

I’ll tell you about one problem that I can’t get out of my mind. Last autumn I accidentally came across some vegetable gardens with interesting fragments of pottery. That area looked very promising, I was happy as a child, I believed I could find some denarii there… But hope was gone after several trips to that place. I found NOTHING. Actually, there were no good signals at all. After that I made three trips to other promising spots like that, but again, I wasn’t lucky to find anything there… In general, I found five similar places and without any good result. It might have been nothing because all those sites had been already hunted out, as all of my finds from this report had been made there. I realized that such attractive spots could be easily found by anyone else without any special knowledge. So, no items recovered this time… Unfortunately I didn’t unearth any denarii… Well, okay, I don’t give up, I believe that some day Lady Luck will smile to me))

I picked up there some fragments of pottery, and nothing except for copper.

My first silver found this season!

My first purse found this season.

Last autumn I found a farmstead dated 1700s, I got there a few quarter-kopeck pieces and dengas. I didn’t expect to find anything there, but that harvested field gave me a few Christian crosses, rings and coins. Though the stubble was tall enough, it would be interesting to come there again after they plough the field.

An interesting Christian cross – I washed it and saw the remains of enamels. It’s a pity, the cross is in such a poor condition…

While searching the author of the report used a Mars Goliath coil.


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