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A gold ‘Barmy Collar’ pendant

An awesome ‘barmy collar’ pendant, an amazing masterpiece of ancient jewelry, has recently been found. Perhaps, somewhere in the same field there may be remaining an insert part of it … oh, it would be so great to find it, too! Most likely it could be a carved stone icon…

And here is the story of how this item was discovered:

…Again Lady Luck smiled to us and helped us find something much more precious than simple Soviet coins. We didn’t start early that day – one of our detecting pals woke up late after the night duty, another one got the time wrong, well, to cut a long story short, the beginning of the search did not look promising at all. The sun was already baking the ground. It took an hour to drive to Zhytomyr region which is rich in good hunting sites to detect. At first we could not find anything but some trash while searching in the areas of old hunted out settlements. We unearthed just a few Soviet coins and a Polish silver one depicting a horse. And at the last moment just ten meters away from the car, there came a non-ferrous signal!.. We drove some 200 meters on our way back home, and suddenly a red squirrel ran across the road as if saying goodbye and inviting us to come there again.

This discovery was made with the AKA Sorex PRO metal detector and Mars Tiger coil.


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