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A windy day off

A cold gusty wind is not a reason to change your plans and refuse to go out looking for something. If you’ve got a day off – you need to live it to the fullest. A metal detectorist never thinks too much about how to spend his free time, the main task is to find a good place for searching))

Winter camouflage and a ski mask are a good choice for going out in such a cold and windy weather! When you put them on, even a stormy wind seems to be just a light breeze))

Here is the first find unearthed that day:

Then came more and more…

What a huge finger ring!

Each time I see this kind of thing, my heart beats faster… I wonder why?)))

My day off was a great success!

While searching the author used a Garrett ACE 250 with a MarsMD Tiger coil.


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