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A winter treasure hunt: items found in December 2016.

Generally winter is not the best season for treasure hunting. The temperature is below zero and frozen solid ground makes this exciting activity really difficult, sometimes it is impossible to dig without a crowbar or hatchet.


Therefore most metal detectorists sadly look at their machines staying at home patiently awaiting warmer days. They sum up their previous finds, chat at forums, search for new promising places in historical archives. But real fans can not stay at home even in winter! And even if fields and meadows are frost-bound, one can go detecting in the woods or at an old farm. Here are the results of such an experience at an old farm with a Mars Goliath coil.

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And here are the finds of another hobbyist who loves winter treasure hunts, too (he searched in the woods with the Garrett ACE metal detector and Mars Tiger coil).

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There are not too many enthusiasts like these but their stories are really inspiring for others!

The report about metal detecting in the woods can be found at Violity forum

The report on treasure hunting at an old farm can be found at..


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