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An old house on the edge of a village – a nice place for making discoveries!

If you start searching in any old house you can definitely find a few coins or some other interesting old things. Besides, every now and then someone finds real treasures in such places. This fact attracts metal detectorists like a magnet. A search in an old house is a real interesting quest – you never know where treasures may be hidden – in window sills, doors, under floor… so you have to search everywhere. Sometimes they are hidden so perfectly well that they can only be found when a house is dismantled.

Of course you should not cherish illusions that if you search in an old house you will be lucky to find a true hoard, but still you always have good chances to find at least a few coins there. Look, here are the things found in an old house using my favourite Garrett machine and a Mars Goliath coil:

He who seeks will always find! And here is the collection of silver items, summing up 4 years of searching:


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