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A successful hunt with АСЕ 250 and Goliath!

And then there came the 31st minute… It was really cool… Then there was everything … And there was a thaler and a trojak… And a belt .. and the coins which I dreamt of for 30 minutes… And friends who were also finding a lot of interesting things there…

Dear treasure hunters! Here is the first winner of our writing contest “Share your metal detecting experiences with us and win a pinpointer!” which was announced last month.

You can have a look at the story of our fellow digger on the VIOLITY forum – straight from the tin, in Ukrainian language! Here we go…


My experience of finding common language with Ace or a hunt after the holidays

Maybe I wrote this report a bit late, but better late than never. So here we go)) Perhaps spring is the best time for searching! Therefore one evening 10-12 days ago my friends called me and offered to take some time out, to stop and enjoy life with my metal detector. To leave daily routine of the 21st century for a day or two and to plunge deep into the 15-19 centuries, where there are always lots of questions, but the answers to these questions often turn out to be so interesting… In the evening I made myself a cup of green tea and launched a program helping to choose sites which would be historically interesting for searching, and I wondered what it could tell me. The processor developed a road map more intricate than a Steven Spielberg’s scenario! This program showed a bunch of events which happened on the same territories during the 16-17 centuries. It was really a hard period for Podillya… No one could understand there who was a friend, and who was a foe… There were Poles, Tatars, Cossacks… everybody fought… So at Podillya there was an endless repartition of lands and interests… The medieval route for that day was finally formed. Just before the beginning of our trip I suddenly remembered about a 19th-20th century farmstead, so the route was recalculated – approved – here we go!

Since the main purpose of our trip was searching, the colleagues gave me ACE -250 with a “steering wheel” named M@rs Goliath, I call this coil a “steering wheel” not just because of its size, but also because its shape reminds the steering wheel of VAZ 2103 though it has some additional connecting straps. A kind of modding, you know…

We spent the first half of the day at the farmstead. The weather was not too good for exploring the area… Now rainy, now sunny. I searched on the territory of this old farmstead more than once myself – but there has always been heavy hunting taking into account ploughed fields and a terrible thicket of thistles at the pasture. This time we saw the same picture, but with more or less even surface. So we did some searching at the pasture between the holes left by our competitors, dug out different finger rings, Christian crosses and other small artifacts… However there was one disadvantage – the territory of the farmstead was rather limited and we couldn’t max out there…

When three Garrett ACE  detectors were working close to each other, they were beginning to sing the national anthem in unison)) And their “songs” were becoming even louder when the detectors were getting closer to each other – at the distance of 5-7 meters. I was not used to such things after work with Goldmaxx)) But since I didn’t have this device with me – “musical” ACE  will be ok, too. At the ploughed field we found again some empty cases, shrapnel and 1-2 Nicholas II kopeck coins. And I was thinking – what if I find next a 5 kopeck coin instead of 2 kopecks? And then, as they say, my wish materialized after 25-30 minutes of searching, and a 5-kopeck coin jumped out of the soil towards me and my thoughts! Having found 10-12 copper coins, I tried again to materialize my thoughts, this time in the form of something more valuable than copper. What about gold … maybe I could just dig out some gold? But it did not work this time… Well, I thought, ok, then I will explore the area! It would be cool to find something from the Middle Ages today. My colleagues stayed at the farmstead having fun there, and I left them and headed towards adventures and treasures. Just a half-day run with the “steering wheel” in my hands was not enough for me! I wanted more!

Passing by an old road I found a couple of Soviet coins – 2 billons and some pre-reform coins. When I saw a yellow pre-reform coin, it just struck me – I thought about the materialization of my dreams)) I went 5 kilometers away from the place where the treasure hunters started searching… There was nothing. Empty. Perhaps I crossed the sixth or seventh ravine – there were still no signs of life… But climbing up further I saw some pieces of ceramics of the right age. Life was getting better! I got a phone call – my colleagues probably felt something and asked where they could find me.I explained them the way, gave my coordinates taking into account the position of the sun, the wind direction, and just in case, celestial coordinates such as Pole Star.  So that if they do not find me, they could at least get back to their families.  I walked 30 meters further on the field… And there ACE emitted a clear signal: there could be two variants: either it is a penicillin bottle aluminum cap or something more pleasant. My pinpointer found the target! In 3 seconds I was holding in my hands a portrait of Leopold looking at me from a 15 kreuzer coin… A couple of green spots on the coin made me feel even more delighted… When a vehicle with my colleagues on board appeared on the horizon, they saw me dancing))) And as they said later, they were clearly understanding that gold – which I tried to materialize being at that old farmstead (after having found a 5 kopeck coin) – could make happy anyone but I would dance so wild and crazy dances only if I found something else! Then we searched at that area and found 1 p??torak coin and 10 kreuzers… Hope for abundance passed away… No more… But then I made a few steps aside – and there came a signal… And I was holding in my hands Ottoman Empire golden coins… I realize that today is the day when thoughts really have power! I looked at that marvelous device – the successful combination of uncle Garrett and uncle Mars – and I thought to myself: hunt! I want to dig out some more coins, maybe having some green spots. I looked at the “Fiskars” shovel in my hands – and I felt that my “Fiskars” also would not mind digging out something like that… I drew nice pictures in my imagination for about 30 minutes … And then there came the 31st minute… It was really cool… Then there was everything … And there was a thaler and a trojak… And a belt .. and the coins which I dreamt of for 30 minutes… And friends who were also finding a lot of interesting things there. Good luck to everyone! Special thanks to my friend who invited me to this hunt, and who gave me Garrett ACE with that M@RS MD coil. So size still matters – when we talk about the coil’s size! I wish everyone peace and harmony!

Sincerely, Soulfly


P.S. On the second day I received a call from my friend who said “I hope you won’t think something about me. But I found about 40 grams of belt buckles in my pocket.”









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